Saturday, 22 July 2017

Pausing the blog | The Small Desk

Now this probably won't come as a surprise to any of my regular readers but I am going to pause The Small Desk blog for a bit. I don't want to shut it down completely and I'll still be posting on Twitter and Instagram under '@alicesdesk' so follow me there if you don't already, but I just feel I've become a bit lost with this blog.

I started The Small Desk back in 2013 when I was 25. I'm now 29 and feel differently to how I did at 25. I care less about posting the stuff that's going to get the clicks and more about the stuff I am interested in. That's not to say everything I posted when I started was to get the 'clicks' but I do see my most popular blog posts on the side and think some of them really aren't what I'm 'about' now.

I've had a week off work this week and wanted to think more about my hobbies, and how I spend my spare time. In this time I haven't wanted to blog about any of my usual blogging topics and the blog post I do the most, 'my favourites', is the one I least wanted to blog about. It is great to look over the month and make a list of the fun things you've done but to write a mini paragraph about each isn't the most thrilling thing to do at the weekend and doesn't really inspire me. I want to look forward more.

My plan as it stands for this blog is to possibly rebrand, definitely have a redesign and focus on four key themes: travel, food, health and money. I am a culture vulture but I really do fulfil this side of me through my job, and if I do go to exhibitions in my spare time I just want to enjoy them and not feel I have to write about them.

The reason I have chosen the four key themes: travel, food, health and money is because aside from culture they are the four things I think about the most and have the ones I have most to share about. I want to make this blog useful and I want to make it inspiring and forward thinking.

I need time to think carefully about how I do this and the content I want to produce and with only 6 weeks until my wedding (what?!) I don't have the brain space to give this proper thought. So hopefully I will be back blogging in late Sept/early October. But for now thank you for your support with The Small Desk so far. Watch this space!
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