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April favourites 2017 | The Small Desk

April has been the month of bike rides and birthdays! It has also been the month where my Grandma's health has deteriorated again, but this is a post about favourites and I will try and keep it that way. Obviously it is important to talk about the lows of life and the struggles people face but I strongly believe that needs a separate post entirely and I'm not sure I will be sharing much about it on the blog. All I will say is that my Mum is an absolute inspiration and continues to amaze me every day with how she is coping with it all.

In regards to birthday times it was my 29th birthday this month. So crazy to think I'll be 30 next year! I'm in a good place for turning 30 but it still feels a bit scary – I feel like everyone says to you when you're at school 'where would you want to be when you're 30?'. It's something that has been made into a massive milestone in society when really it shouldn't be. You don't need to be completely sorted at age 30, it's still really young! If anyone reading this is freaking out about turning 30 – stop, think, age is only a number!

Anyway, onto the favourites...

1. Spring market
I stumbled upon a Spring market in the town where I live with my partner. It was basically a fancy farmer's market. I had a lemon and sugar pancake and it was scrumptious.

2. Work filming in Bristol
I've never been to the centre of Bristol before so it was exciting to see it and all the cool independent shops. The artist I was filming with in Bristol was super talented and really inspirational and only 21!

3. My birthday
On my birthday I went to Bloomsbury bowling with a group of friends. We played for 2 hours and I was terrible. Afterwards we had yummy pizza in the diner next door.

4. Day out with the neighbours
On the Friday of the Easter weekend our lovely neighbours took us to a local antiques market. It had a restaurant attached so we had a delicious lunch there and went out for drinks later as well. We have been so incredibly lucky with our neighbours, I couldn't have wished for better neighbours!

5. Prezzo with family
To celebrate mine and my sister's birthday we all went out to my local Prezzo and had a three course meal. It was lovely to celebrate with my close family, and share pressies.

6. Bike ride with sister
My sister persuaded me to go on a bike ride with her near where my parents live. I was initially a bit nervous about it because I don't think I've ridden a bike in about 10 years! But I really enjoyed it and it made me want to buy a bike!

7. Easter Day dinner with family
This was a funny one as we were meant to spend it with my grandparents but they were too ill to do so in the end. But we had a nice time in the end just me, my partner, my parents and my sister.

8. Staycation
I took a week off work in April and had a 'staycation'. We stayed at home but took day trips almost every day. It was nice to switch off, I really needed it as I hadn't had a proper holiday since Christmas.

9. Brighton
One of our day trips was to Brighton. Me and my partner go at least once a year and it has a special place in our hearts. I think if it it didn't have such a terrible train line (aka Southern) then we probably would be living there and commuting to London. I love the sea, the cute shops and all the veggie cafes.

10. London
We also went to London on one of our day trips, and even though we are there every day for work there is something special about going there purely for leisure.

11. Visiting partner's family
Another of our day trips was visiting my partner's family in Oxfordshire. We went for a lovely walk in the countryside and had a nice lunch at a local pub.

12. BBC Young Dancer 2017
As part of my birthday present my partner bought me tickets to see the final of BBC Young Dancer at Sadler's Wells. It was absolutely incredible. So many talented young people and so great to see such a buzz around all the different types of dance.

13. New mirror
For my birthday my parents bought me a Habitat mirror I'd been lusting after for our living room. It is round with a gold trim and it gorgeous. It really completes the living room. How old am I!?

14. New bike
As I said earlier – I went on a bike ride for the first time in about 10 years and it made me want a bike. Then I found out you can buy bikes on 18 month 0% finance deals and I was sold! I bought a gorgeous new bike and am now a cycling pro... well almost...

15. Wedding dress alterations
I had a pretty intense morning with my Mum going to a wedding dress alternations tailor. It was an experience and a half but we had a laugh about it afterwards. Also very pleased that I've left enough time to get changes made.

16. Bike ride
Is this my third favourite about bikes?! Who am I!? I went on a bike ride with my partner in our local area – we cycled 9 miles and it took about an hour and a half. I have no idea if that is good, all I cared about was that I didn't fall off!

17. Neighbours over
Finally, last night we had our neighbours over for drinks.

How has your April been? I can't believe it's already May!

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