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February favourites 2017 | The Small Desk

February has been an month of progression, change and celebration. This has been the month I celebrated 9 years with my partner and the month my cousin had her first child. I also cooked dinner for my Dad for the first time in the house he helped us buy, which was well over due considering we moved in in June last year! I also made pancakes for the first time, which officially makes me a grown-up, obviously.

We also started booking and buying more wedding stuff, for example my shoes and my ring. It's also been the month I've come to the conclusion that it's near impossible to dress four women who are about to turn 30 in all the same dress and expect it to work. Bridesmaid dresses are weird. Weddings are weird in general, but I'm just thinking of it as a big party with delicious food!

Although it's only 5th March whilst I'm writing this, February feels like a distant memory and I'm struggling to remember what I did last month! Luckily I keep a diary of events, which means I can list them here...

1. Chinese for one
I rarely get a takeaway for one, in fact I think this is only the second time I've done it, but my oh my was it great. My partner was out and it was a Friday night so I treated myself to a takeaway from our local Chinese and got everything I wanted and slobbed out and watched trash TV. It was bliss.

2. Wedding shoes and wedding ring
This month I bought my wedding shoes (two pairs for two dresses, diva!) and my wedding ring. I got my shoes from Kurt Geiger in Covent Garden.

3. Dinner with Dad
I went for a curry at Masala Zone with my Dad after work one evening. It was lovely to spend quality time chatting about life whilst enjoying delicious food.

4. Curry with neighbours
We tried out the local curry place again with our amazing neighbours. It was great to spend time with them but there was so much food and I'd had Masala Zone the night before!

5. Bridesmaids dresses day
I bought a shit ton of dresses from ASOS for all my bridesmaids to try and to pick one. It didn't quite work out but we had a lovely afternoon as one of them cooked a scrumptious vegan macaroni cheese.

6. Friend's birthday in East London
We celebrated my partner's best man's birthday all the way out in East London. It was lovely to see all his friends and I even bumped into one of my old school friends on the way home!

7. Friends over for dinner
We had our friends, who are my partner's friends from home but have been going out for 9 years as well, over for dinner. I cooked salmon en-croute (from a pack) and chips. It was yummy and so nice to spend quality time with them as we used to live round the corner from each other.

8. 9 years Chinese
On 15th Feb we celebrated 9 years by getting a takeaway Chinese!

9. Dinner at friend's – avocado pasta
We had another bridesmaid trying on session that didn't work out at one of the other bridesmaid's houses and she cooked a delicious vegan avocado pasta dish. Whether or not the dresses work out it's always a great excuse to spend quality time with friends.

10. Thai restaurant with partner
On the Friday after our anniversary we celebrated properly by going out to an amazing Thai restaurant not far from where we live. See photo above for my beautifully presented Pad Thai.

11. Grandma visit
We visited my Grandma who is very ill at the moment and shared some tea and biscuits with her.

12. Uni talk
I had the surreal experience this month of being invited back to my old Uni to talk about careers, and specifically my own career. I had to provide a biography of myself and everything! I had to talk for half an hour, which is the longest I've ever spoken for, and then there was an HOUR Q&A!

13. Pub quiz
We tackled the pub quiz again with our neighbours. We didn't do well but I learnt that the old capital of England was Winchester!

14. Friend for lunch
I met one of my old school friends for lunch at the British Museum cafe. It was lovely to see her and to catch up.

15. Sister and Dad over
My sister and Dad came over to my house and I made them dinner and pancakes! As I said before it was a great feeling to finally cook dinner for my Dad in our now not-so-new house.

16. Cousin's new baby
Finally, my younger cousin, who is only 18 months older than me (scary!) had her first child, a little girl. We went to visit her and had a lovely photo taken of all the women in my family except for one of my aunties. She is super cute! I can't wait to see how she develops and grows.

How was your February? Spring is just around the corner! Bring on 26th March when the clocks go forward!


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