Sunday, 5 February 2017

January favourites 2017 | The Small Desk

So, we thought 2016 was a bad year for the world... 2017 doesn't seem to be getting much better! With the travel ban and MPs voting for Brexit everything looks as bad if not worse for 2017... in my opinion anyway! January is always a month everyone dreads, and the politicians of this world didn't make it much better.

One thing I'm really concerned about for 2017 is climate change, and so I've made a promise to myself to enjoy more of the outdoors. This month I went on two really long walks and took advantage of the vast amount of public footpaths the UK has to offer. I used Ordinance Survey maps and their app to put together a 12 mile walk that had a pub stop midway. As much as I love the little house we now live in I need to be outside to gain perspective.

In terms of doing my bit for climate change I am still yet to purchase a car and use public transport to get everywhere. I also don't eat meat and I'm trying to get better at recycling. If anyone has any tips on how I can do more for climate change please let me know in the comments below. Anyway, trying to be positive, here are the best bits about my January...

1. Wedding food tasting
This month we invited a caterer over to my parents house to do a food tasting for our wedding. The food was incredible, the caterer was such a nice guy and so we booked him! It's such a relief to have the food booked as I keep reading about how it's the bit most people talk about after the day has finished! We also always said we wanted to have amazing food at the wedding but on a budget and I think we've just about managed it. The only thing major to book is the band, which is proving tricky! If anyone has any good wedding band suggestions please let me know.

2. Practice walk with partner and Dad
Now that I live in the countryside I have to think of ways to entice my friends out here to visit me... I suggested a country walk but the answer was only if there is a pub halfway... Now, I don't normally visit a pub on a walk but I managed to find a route that did. Before I took a group of friends I thought I should practice it and bring my Dad along who is the King of map reading! It was about 10 miles in total and was knackering but so energising at the same time.

3. Pub quiz
This month we've started going to our local pub quiz with our next door neighbours. It's so nice to be able to go out after work in my local area and not worry about the last train home. We've now been twice, the first time we got an awfully low score of 7 out of 30 and the second time we went we significantly improved and got a much better 23 out of 30!

4. Partner's birthday
This month it was my partner's birthday and we celebrated by taking a half day off work and buying his suit for the wedding, and then at the weekend we went to a pub in Pimlico with 10 or so of his friends. I bought him tickets to a coffee festival, a scented candle and a beautiful coffee mug from Heal's.

5. Big walk with friends
Of course the big walk had to be in my favourites considering how much prep it took! We had to go a a slightly different route back because of some maintenance work being carried out on the route that wouldn't allow you to pass so the route ended up being 12 miles! It was so much fun though and everyone ended up staying for pizza at ours afterwards.

6. Coat hooks up
Really lame one I know but after 8 months of living here we now finally have somewhere to put our coats! We got the hooks from a Danish company called Normann Copenhagen. We actually managed to buy them with an Amazon voucher my partner got from work, which was handy as they are pretty expensive.

7. Dinner at Franco Manca
I went for dinner at Franco Manca with a really old friend and talked deep about various life topics and enjoyed good pizza.

8. Garden sorted
We had some work done on our garden and now we finally have a nice area to put a table and chairs for when the sun comes out. Bring on summer!

9. Day of art
I work in the arts so sometimes I avoid going to galleries and museums on the weekend as it can feel a bit like work. But I have to remember how much I love art and that it's ok to love what you do enough to sort of do it on the weekend as well!

My oldest friend who I've known since I was born came over from Ireland and we visited the Pace Gallery exhibition that is in collaboration with teamLab and had lunch in the Royal Academy cafe. We chatted loads about life and relationships and it was great to catch up with her.

Then on the same day I met one of my bridesmaids and went to the Tate and the cafe for cake. We played guess the artist, because we're cool.

10. Dinner with parents
My final favourite of the month is going to my parents' house for dinner where my Mum cooked us a delicious vegetable curry. Also, I got to cuddle my cat, which was obviously the main reason for visiting, he he.

How was your January? Did you get up to anything fun?

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