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December favourites 2016 | The Small Desk

December has been a really fun month, apart from having a very stressful beginning to the month at work. However from the 22nd December onwards I didn't have to go to work, which has been absolute bliss. I need to take more weeks like this where I just hang around at home, get up really late and watch films and read books. It's so damn relaxing, and it makes you feel you really have a life outside of work.

The end of December is one of my favourite times of year because so many people are off work and de-stressing and there is a positive feeling in the air. This month has been about enjoying being with my partner, friends and family and not trying to achieve anything! So refreshing!

1. Friend's bottomless prosecco birthday brunch
At the beginning of the month I celebrated a good friend of mine and my partner's birthday at Villandry on Great Portland Street.

2. Christmas lunch with old school friends
I invited three of my old school friends round for a Christmas lunch and 'craft' day. Needless to say the crafting element was more for the lols than to be taken seriously!

3. New curtains
My mum made us new curtains for our living room. They are absolutely gorgeous and make our living room so much cosier. I'm obsessed with them.

4. Neighbours over for drinks
Our neighbours came over to ours for some mince pies and wine. It's so nice to be able to socialise with our next door neighbours as it's so easy to get home!

5. Work Christmas party
We had our work Christmas party this month where we played a quiz and then had a late lunch at a swanky Italian restaurant.

6. Winchester Christmas market
My partner and I went to visit Winchester as he has never been before. The Christmas market was on and it was so festive. We went for a piece of cake and a smoothie and browsed the cute little independent shops there. If you haven't been I thoroughly recommend going, apparently it is the best place to live in the UK as well!

7. Seven and a half mile walk
Now that I basically live in the countryside we've been trying to go on more walks and this month we successfully went on a mega long walk straight from our front door. The weather was perfect for it as well.

8. Pizza Express for friend's birthday
Always love a Pizza Express – this time I went with my bestie from Uni to celebrate her birthday. We splashed out and had all three courses – it was excellent.

9. Mince pies with parents
My parents came over to give my partner his Christmas presents and we went to our local cafe for mince pies.

10. Partner's parents over
I've started using partner instead of fiance because I can't be bothered to find the 'e' with the accent all the time! Sorry! Anyway, yes, the partner's parents came over to swap presents and we put on a nice buffet-style lunch for them.

11. Christmas with my partner
We celebrated with a meal of salmon and roast potatoes and then opened presents to each other.

12. Christmas Day

13. To the neighbour's for drinks
We went over to our neighbour's for drinks and to see their new bathroom!

14. Lunch with my partner
We just went out in our local area for lunch but we don't go out for meals much anymore as we're trying to be good and save for our wedding, so it felt like a real treat.

15. Home day
I've had a few of these now, and ahhhhh, dream!

16. New Year's Eve
Finally I celebrated the last day of the year with my old school friends and now my head hurts.

Happy New Year! How was your December?


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