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July Favourites 2016 | The Small Desk

Hooray! It's time for another favourites post! These have become somewhat of a ritual for me and as I've said before I find them pretty therapeutic. It's easy to think you've done nothing with your life but regularly looking back over what you've done in a month is a nice reminder of the fact that you haven't actually sat on your bum all the time.

This month I've managed to enforce 20 minute walks for everyone at work. It can't be underestimated how much exercise can help with one's mental health. Sitting in an office all day looking at a computer can become quite oppressive, but by making sure you go for a brisk walk can lift the heavy weight off your shoulders. I urge everyone to try and get exercise breaks mandatory at work. There is lots of information online about the dangers of sitting down all day. I shared this with my boss and thankfully he listened.

I've had a pretty busy month socialising and as much as I've enjoyed it I've also wanted to spend more time in my new house and get on with some DIY jobs. I think my goal for August will be to do more on the house and also to visit more art exhibitions. I also haven't been to the cinema in ages, I need to change that too! Anyway, here are July's favourites...

1. New table
We got a dining table for our house! Yey! I can now eat sloppy meals on a plate again!

2. RA Summer show
I went to the Summer show with my Mum and that was the best thing about it – spending one on one time with my Mum. The show itself was pretty disappointing. I wanted to buy a print but really there was nothing that stood out for me. There was a serious lack of portraiture.

3. Leaving drinks
One of my best friends from work left, and it was really sad to see her go. I've worked with her for over five years and she's been an amazing support. This is not my favourite because she left but because we had a nice time at her leaving drinks. We'll stay friends for sure!

4. Girls over
I had my school friends over to my new house for dinner. I cooked the most awful food including a cheesecake with no sugar, but hey, we laughed.

5. Tate Modern
I went to the new Tate extension with my Uni pal. We went to the top floor and saw the most amazing views of London. There wasn't really that much art in there, which was weird, so we went to Wahaca and did a bit of shopping! It was a fun day though!

6. Meeting up with ex-colleague
After Tate I met up with the girl who left last month from work. It was so so nice to see her and to catch up. She has two of the most beautiful babies you've seen and her stories about them make me cry with laughter. Again, another ex-colleague who I know I will stay friends with forever.

7. Sister over 
My sister came over one weekend and we went for a little walk in the countryside near my house and had a Chinese takeaway. It was great to hang out and chat away for hours like we always do!

8. Work summer party
I always have mixed feelings about the work summer party but I saw an ex-colleague who is very ill and I didn't know how she was doing so it was really great to catch up with her.

9. Friends over for lunch
A couple who we used to live around the corner from came over to our new house for lunch. I made a buffet lunch, which was a million times better than my poor excuse for a dinner for my school friends! We went and explored my local town and had a Pimms in a local pub.

10. Parents and sister over
One Sunday my parents and sister came over. My parents did a bit of gardening and me and my sister went and walked aimlessly around Homebase looking for plants that I wouldn't kill.

11. 100 miler
Last Sunday the fiancé completed the Prudential 100 bike ride. To say I was proud is an understatement.

12. Friend's engagement
Finally at the end of the month one of my best friends from school got engaged! They've been going out for a really long time and they are such a lovely couple, I'm so so happy for them and I cannot wait to go to the wedding.

I hope you've all had a good July. I'm sorry I'm not posting as regularly as I used to, I'm feeling a bit lost with this blog but I'm happiest doing favourites posts.


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