Sunday, 17 July 2016

Five powerful pieces of content I found on the Internet this week | The Small Desk

I'll keep this blog post brief as there is a lot of content to consume through these links, but I wanted to share them with you as I thought all of them were very powerful and pieces of content that made me think. The most important thing about all these pieces of content are that they are human: they put faces to masses and voices to big issues.

The first piece challenges our idea of home, and questions why home has to be a permanent structure that you aspire to own. It looks at the ways in which people are challenging this norm set by society. The second piece is a piece you may have already read as it has been discussed widely on social media this week. It looks at what society defines as a 'complete' woman and who has the right to decide these choices for another.

The third piece is a piece that I found through Facebook and hangs on an idea I've been reminding people of myself for years. Every since I finished my Anthropology degree I've hated the word race, as it really is a social construct and this woman in the video I'm sharing with you reminds us of that.

The fourth piece puts a face to the mass of refugees that get portrayed in the media, it reminds the public that these are real people just like me or you and it could happen to us. Behind the 'mass' there is always the individual.

The final piece is just devastating, and is the story of one of the worst incidents of trolling I've ever seen. Please, if you have the time, read all of these pieces and share.

1. How we live now: inside the revolution in urban living

2. For the record

3. Why do we hate?

4. Exodus: Our Journey to Exodus

5. After Nice attack, internet trolls try to frame Sikh man as a terrorist, again


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