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May Favourites 2016 | The Small Desk

It's 7pm on Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend and I'm flagging. You know that feeling when you have so much to do that you just do nothing because you don't know where to start? Yeah, that's what I've got right now. Although clearly I can find the time to blog. Why?! Well, it's almost the end of May, and since November 2014 I've not missed a favourites post. I would love to hit the two year mark with these posts. I find them quite therapeutic and a really nice way to round off the month, despite finding it initially stressful trying to find the time to write them. I think in an ideal world I'd like to spend four days working full-time and one day working on my own little projects, like this podcast idea I have that I've never attempted to start. Anyway, enough with the ramble, here are my favourites of the month...

1. Bath trip
At the beginning of the month my then-boyfriend took me on a surprise weekend trip to Bath. We left on the Sunday morning and got back on the Bank Holiday Monday... engaged! I had no idea that we were going to Bath or even away for the weekend. He planned it all in secret and booked a lovely hotel and a vegetarian place for lunch. We also went to the Bath spas, not the Roman ones, the ones you can actually go in. They were amazing, despite the 90 minute queue.

2. Engagement
So, yes, as I said above, I got engaged! The boyf proposed to me at the top of the hill in Prior Park in Bath. It was so perfect, I am a very very lucky girl. The ring is by my favourite jewellery designer and I am obsessed.

3. Celebrating with friends and family
Once you're engaged everyone wants to see the ring and hear the story, so naturally I've done a lot of celebrating with friends and family in various restaurants. It's been delightful!

4. All clear on the smear
Like all women in the UK, I had to go for another smear test as it's been three years since my last one, oh the joy of turning 28! Luckily I got the all clear. I know many women do not and so if you are reading this and dreading going for your first smear test, I urge you to go. It is so important and what an incredible service to get for free. It can be uncomfortable but it is 100% worth it.

5. Friend's birthday and Eurovision
It was my friend's birthday this month and his girlfriend celebrated by throwing an amazing Eurovision-themed birthday party. We had food from every country, someone even brought sauerkraut...

6. Friend's for dinner
One of my old school friends, who is a meat eater, invited me and my veggie friend over for a veggie burger and chips to celebrate vegetarian week! One day I'll go vegan...

7. Going to fiancé's parents
We went to my fiancé's parents for the day... that feels weird saying fiancé! His grandparents came over and his Mum bought us an amazing chocolate cake.

8. Walk with my sister and Dad
I went on a walk with my sister and my Dad in Richmond Park and we had cake... enough said. I love cake, oh and my family... hehe.

9. Day off to sort house move
I took the day off work this week to sort moving house. There is so much to do! I spent most of the day cancelling bills and basically doing things that you can only do during work hours. Hopefully we are moving into our new home soon!

10. Promotion
Finally, I got a promotion at work.

How was your May? What was your favourite part?


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