Monday, 18 April 2016

Why I love the NHS | The Small Desk

Recently I had to make a trip to A&E to get the boyf checked out after a fall. He's fine and it's all sorted now, but it made me realise how lucky we are in the UK to have the NHS.

I wanted to write this post as a sort of tribute to the NHS and a thank you to all those who work there.

For those of you who don't live in the UK, or don't really know much about the NHS, the National Health Service is the UK's free healthcare service. It was set up on 5th July, 1948 and the first NHS hospital was in Manchester. Those of us that can afford it pay National Insurance per month through our salary and that is what pays for the NHS. You don't have to pay National Insurance to qualify to use the NHS though.

You can walk into a doctor's surgery and get an appointment for free, there is a set price of £8.40 per item for prescriptions and it is free for contraceptives. You can also get immunisations for free and operations. And if you think doctors get paid loads, think again, junior doctors are on a shockingly low starting salary of £22,636.

It is such an incredible service, and the people who work in it really make it. Everyone I have encountered by going to the doctors, hospital or to A&E has been so patient and so kind, they really are an exceptional bunch of people; from the receptionists to the doctors and from the cleaners to the radiologists.

Five times the NHS have helped me or my family:

1. Saved mine and my Mum's lives when I was born
Probably the biggest thing I have to thank the NHS for!

2. Heart bypass for my Granddad
On private healthcare this would have apparently cost £60,000!

3. Took my Dad in an ambulance when he had a fall
The ambulance service and paramedics are a phenomenal service.

4. Helped my Grandma recover from meningitis
The nurses who looked after her were so kind and were rigorous with the regular checks they had to do on her after she had stabilised. 

5. Carried out regular cervical screening tests for women
Thankfully I haven't had any problems from this, but it is amazing that they offer this to all women over 25 every three years and send you reminders without fail.

They also provide the brilliant 111 service that you can ring for free to see if you need to go to hospital or see a doctor.

Basically, if you work for the NHS – thank you, you are amazing.


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