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March Favourites 2016 | The Small Desk

March 2016 – this year is going so fast! This month has been good, if not a bit scary. The biggest thing that has happened this month is that we have had an offer accepted on a house! It's pretty early days, so it could all still go wrong but it's the furthest we've got with our house hunt. There is so much you learn along the way and so many different emotions that you feel. I've gone from being completely freaked out at the thought of leaving London to being ridiculously excited at the thought of living near a river where I can go rowing whenever I like. I might write a blog post solely devoted to the first time buying process, do let me know if any of you would find that useful. Anyway, on with the favourites...

1. Pub dinner with friends
Early on in the month I went to a beautiful pub on the edge of Wimbledon Common with the boyf and two of our good friends. I indulged in fish and chips and ice cream, and it was good.

2. House offer accepted
As mentioned above! We celebrated by going for dinner at a little restaurant/canteen-style place called Farmstead in Covent Garden.

3. Mother's Day with Dad
This year my Mum was working on Mother's Day, so I celebrated it with my Dad instead. We went to Waitrose and bought loads of tapas-style bits for lunch.

4. Wahaca with an old friend
If you know me at all you will know that my favourite restaurant chain is Wahaca. I think they only have them in London at the moment. It's a Mexican chain started by a previous Masterchef winner. I met up with a friend who I've known since I was born and we had a really good catch up.

5. Going for dinner at my friend's new flat
One of my school friends has just bought a flat in Clapham and we all piled over to hers for dinner one evening. She made a delicious aubergine pasta dish and we had my Mum's homemade lemon cake for dessert.

6. Filler live
On 12th March I felt very ill but had tickets to go to Filler live. Filler is a creative industries podcast that interviews young creatives about their work. I was determined to go, so went down to Tesco and picked up some 7UP and strawberries and forced myself on the tube. I'm so glad I went as I managed to have a quick chat with one of my favourite YouTubers, Estee Lalonde.

7. Barbican, Strange and Familiar 
One Saturday me and the boyf headed to the Barbican to see the new photography exhibition curated by Martin Parr. It was the first weekend it opened and it was absolutely rammed. It was quite good but none of the photography was as good as Martin Parr's!

8. Hair done
I had my hair cut and dyed at my local hairdressers. I only get my hair dyed about once a year, so it had to go in my favourites!

9. Easter lunch
My Mum invited my grandparents around for Easter lunch and made the most delicious meal of sea bream, roast potatoes and a crumble for dessert.

10. Breakdancing 
On Easter Sunday me and my sister headed up to the Southbank Centre to watch a breakdancing competition. We felt thoroughly uncool, but had the best time watching some incredibly talented young people.

How was your March?


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