Monday, 28 March 2016

Should I be doing what Casey Neistat is doing? | The Small Desk

Most normal people love having a four-day weekend – they love to slob out and relax and take the time to chill. I'm not saying I've been awake before 9am or have even been productive, but for me the long weekend brings with it a sense of fear. It gives me time to reflect on what I haven't achieved or what I haven't become. It makes me think about where I am in my life and question whether or not I'm happy where I am and with the choices I have made so far.

My constant question to myself is – did I make the right career choice? My answer is always yes, but there is still a nagging voice in my head saying – what if there is a better career out there for me but I haven't found it? Should I be complacent and sit here happily thinking everything has worked out for me at the age of 27? Am I missing something? Should I be doing what Casey Neistat is doing?

Firstly, for those of you who don't know who Casey Neistat is, he is a 35-year-old vlogger who has become one of the most popular creators on YouTube. He is constantly looking for better shots, better footage, better ideas. He never stops looking and seeking to be a better creator.

For example, a guy named Nicolas Vuignier came up with this idea called Centriphone and Casey immediately is like: how do I do that?! And after a few attempts with a 'try, try, try again' approach he makes it happen. His main medium is video, but he is also a brilliant photographer and fashionista. Everything he does is meant to look effortless but it is far from that, and it is incredibly refreshing to watch someone who puts everything into everything he does. He is by far and away the best vlogger on YouTube.

So what would it mean for me to be 'doing what Casey Neistat is doing'? Firstly it would mean for me to be more creative; to put more effort into writing creatively about any given subject, and secondly it would mean I would have to film more of my life. I never want to be the centre of a vlog like Casey, but I am up for putting more videos up about life around me. It would also mean I would travel more, and most importantly spread positivity. I am sure Casey is not positive ALL the time, but a huge proportion of his vlogs are incredibly positive and energetic, making him one of the most admired vloggers of our time.

I used to be obsessed with making films when I was at sixth form; I used to tell everyone that I was going to be a film director when I grew up, I even had the brochure for the New York Film Academy. How cool would that have been!? Now, it is much easier to become a successful creator without any training and there is so much inspiration to be seen on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. I want to stop being so in awe of content creators and become a better content creator myself. Consider this my Easter goal. What are your goals for this year? Has Easter given you a renewed sense of self? Does it make you reflect? Am I making any sense?!


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