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February Favourites 2016 | The Small Desk

This month has been pretty darn stressful. I was considering not doing a February Favourites because I've found this month so hard, but then I would be breaking my run of monthly Favourites posts that I have kept up since November 2014! I decided to carry on and start trying to pick out the best bits of this 29-day month. Writing-wise this month I've entered a writing competition and had a book review published in an industry-specific magazine. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of my writing career...

The main reason this month was so stressful was because of a big work launch. I've been project managing the build of a new website for a year and it had it's grand launch at the end of this month. The other reason is that I haven't found it easy to live with my neighbours recently, loud music and smoking do not create a relaxing environment that I so desperately need! Hopefully we'll have an offer on a place accepted soon and we can get out of here. We've been here for over four years now and I'm itching to move. Anyway, here are my February Favourites...

1. Franco Manca takeaway
My friend Holly came over and we picked up takeaway pizza and watched Netflix. It was a nice chilled evening with good company and good food!

2. Homemade curry
One weekend early on in the month my Mum rustled up a 'quick and easy', but really a bloody good and fancy curry for everyone and it was absolutely delicious.

3. Pancakes
I basically forced my Mum and sister to have pancake day with me, but seriously my Mum makes the best pancakes. Lemon and sugar all the way!

4. Friend's birthday in a pub
I spent from 3pm to 9pm in a pub for the boyf's friend's birthday. It was so nice and chilled and I got to meet some new people who love art like me, which was cool.

5. Trishna
This is where me and the boyf went to celebrate eight years together! I blogged about it here.

6. Holly-made minestrone
My friend Holly invited me over for lunch and made homemade minestrone. We used to make it all the time at Uni together. It was super tasty and to make things even better she also made flapjack!

7. Long walk to Richmond Park
I've got really into long walks lately, and this month me and the boyf managed another two-hour long walk to and through Richmond Park, a.k.a the best park in London.

8. Work launch
Even though it was stressful getting to this point, the work launch was definitely a highlight this month. We had drinks to celebrate and it was a really positive day all-round.

9. Booking two holidays
This month I've booked two holidays/my summer holidays. We are going away for one week with the boyf's parents and one week with my parents.

10. Random Wahaca
We decided to treat ourselves to a Wahaca lunch after a morning of house viewings. Just as we were finishing up our food, a couple of our friends who live nearby popped in and we had a good catch up with them and watched them eat their food! I love it when you spontaneously meet friends – I feel like it so rarely happens these days.

11. Date day
On the penultimate day of the month we had a random date day. We walked along the south bank, browsed the National Theatre shop and walked through Covent Garden. In the evening we went to a Curzon cinema and saw a brilliant Icelandic film called Rams, and had a pizza for dinner.

12. ICA London, Betty Woodman exhibition
My final favourite of the month has to be going to the Betty Woodman exhibition by myself. I rarely go out and do things like this by myself but it is quite liberating to do so. I also had lunch in the National Portrait Gallery cafe by myself whilst reading my art magazine. I felt so chic, haha!

Those are my favourites for this month. What have you been up to this month?


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