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January Favourites 2016 | The Small Desk

This month has been a busy old month! Work-wise I've been trying to wrap up the biggest project of my entire (albeit short) career, and life-wise it's been the boyfriend's birthday. I always think birthdays should be as special as you can make them, because they only happen once a year! It's a little bit annoying that my boyfriend's birthday is straight after Christmas, as I've usually spent way too much and want to be scrimping by January. This did not happen, as you can see...

1. Chelsea walk
I've added this into my favourites because it was during the time that I had off in between Christmas and New Year. It's one of my favourite times of year, because I have no plans, no agenda and no goals, and feel like I can just do aimless things. Walking from Battersea to Sloane Square was one of those aimless, non-planned things. We were in Battersea to go to the Loaf interiors showroom, turns out it was crap, and so we were bored and decided to walk to Chelsea. It's actually a pretty cool route as you get to peek into all the rich people's houses!

2. Boyfriend's bday
As I mentioned earlier I spent a lot of this month celebrating the boyf's birthday! On the Saturday before we went to The Portman in Marylebone with a group of twelve friends. We had lunch there and then headed to a nearby pub and played Werewolf.

Then on the Sunday we went for lunch with my family to Cote, and then on his actual birthday we went to our local Wagamamas. I mentioned it was his birthday and they gave him a free piece of cake! Top tip for anyone who wants a free cake!

3. Meeting Natasha
This month I met my first blogger friend IRL! I've been following Natasha on Twitter for over a year now, and when I saw she had a new job just around the corner from where I worked I thought it would be silly not to meet up! She now works as a Newsletter Editor for BuzzFeed! How cool is that?! We went for tea at a local cafe and ended up sharing life stories. I love meeting new people!

4. Boyf's cousin's 18th
During the middle of the month we travelled to Oxfordshire to celebrate the boyf's cousin's 18th birthday. It's so weird that he's 18 now, as I first met him when he was 10!! Madness! We went to a local country pub and had a three course meal. I was absolutely stuffed but it was a great evening with great company.

5. Crazy flat viewings
Ah god, the month of crazy flat viewings. We've started to ramp up our flat searching, and this month have viewed a flat almost every weekend. I've been out to the suburbs of Guildford and been stopped in my tracks by insane access to a flat in Surbiton. The only entrance to the flat was up three flights of very steep fire escape stairs on the OUTSIDE of the building. Needless to say I was not impressed. It's in my favourites purely because each of these crazy viewings I've gone to with my parents and we've had quite a laugh!

6. Revenant at the Electric Cinema
I did a review of this last week on the blog, so I won't bang on about this!

7. Mum and the Alexander Technique
It's been a very stressful month for me at work, and one day I woke up with terrible cramp in my arm. So much so that I ended up working from home that day. I think it must have been a weird muscle spasm, it hurt so bad! Anyway, my Mum is now a trained Alexander Technique teacher, and she came round and worked her magic, and my arm is fine again now! I bloody love the Alexander Technique!

8. Spending time with my sister
I've spent a fair amount of time with my sister this month, and I've loved reconnecting. We went for brunch in Richmond early on the month, I went over for a takeaway mid-month and then just last Thursday she popped over for dinner.

9. Dinner with friends
Last night I went to Balls and Company in Soho with my old school friends. Take a look at my Instagram to see what I had!

10. Barbican exhibition
I will do a blog post on this at some point. The exhibition was called The World of Charles and Ray Eames. Just Google Eames chairs and I'm sure you'll recognise them. I'm pretty sure this will be one of the most talked about exhibitions of the year. It is on until 14th February, so there's still time to go and let me know what you think!

How has your January been? Any recommendations of things for me to do/watch/read in February?

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