Friday, 11 December 2015

Explore: Sloane Square at Christmas | The Small Desk

There is something so magical about Sloane Square at Christmas. It's an area sometimes overlooked by tourists, but is so festive at this time of year. It is only around the corner from Knightsbridge and South Kensington, and it plays host to one of the most famous galleries in the world: the Saatchi Gallery. Granted, it is full of filthy rich people, and some of the shops are selling jewellery as expensive as a deposit on a house, but if you know where to look you can enjoy it without spending a penny. The Christmas lights in the main square outside the tube station are free to look at for example! Here are my top six places to visit in Sloane Square at Christmas.

1. Duke of York Square
This square plays host to some of our favourite high street brands such as Zara and Cos. It also has an array of restaurants, and even a Liz Earle shop. You might recognise one of the restaurants there from when the headlines were awash with Charles Saatchi and Nigella's infamous argument.

2. Partridges
I'd always seen the sign for Partridges in Sloane Square, but had always thought it was a restaurant. I was delighted when I discovered that it is a luxury food shop. It is probably THE most Christmassy shop I've been in all year. You couldn't hope for more festive food for sale! I even heard a kid in there tell his Dad that this is what all shops should be like at Christmas!

3. Peter Jones
Peter Jones, ah, how I love you. It is basically John Lewis, but with a different name. I have no idea why it has a different name in Sloane Square, as they seem to sell all the same stuff. Every year they cover the whole building in lights and it looks really special. They also sell a huge variety of Christmas food gifts.

4. Saatchi Gallery
How could I not mention the Saatchi Gallery!? For one, it is FREE! They always have some pretty wacky exhibitions on. Plus, they have a great selection of Christmas cards from museums and galleries across the country.

5. Anthropologie
This is probably the prettiest Anthropologie building of all the Anthropologies I've seen. It is a huge space, with an excellent selection of pretty homeware and clothing.

6. Christmas market
Finally, the Christmas market. It is nestled in the corner of a square just off the main high street. They sell everything from mulled wine to mince pies, specialist chocolates, and fancy cakes. It's a market where you can purchase 'treat yourself' type foods.

Have you been to Sloane Square? Would you like to go this Christmas? Where would you recommend to visit during this festive period?


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