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December Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

It feels a little odd doing a December Favourites after I've done my Year in Review post, however I feel that my 2015 Favourites series wouldn't be complete unless I wrote the December edition. This is also more detailed than my Year in Review post, and has a few extra things I wanted to share with you. We still have New Year's Eve to go, which I'm sure would feature in my Favourites as well, but let's face it, there's no way I'm going to be writing a blog post on New Year's Day! If you're interested, I'm going to a friend's flat party to eat Italian food! I really need to get on a diet or take up a regular form of exercise after this festive period! Anyway, without any further ramble, here are my December Favourites...

1. Renewing The Small Desk domain domain ran out this month, but do not fear, I have renewed it, which commits me to blogging for another whole year, which makes me very happy.

2. Friend's birthday party
I went for 'Burger and Bubbles' at the Grand Union bar in Clapham for a friend's birthday. It was really nice, as I got to see most of the people I went to Perranporth with.

3. Noodles with the family
We used to go for noodles more often, but the price has gone up a fair bit, so when we go now it feels more like a treat, hence it's entry into my December Favourites.

4. Last pottery lesson
This month I finished my 12 week pottery course. I wrote a whole blog post on what I learnt during the course. On the last day we had a little Christmas shindig, where everyone brought snacks and drinks and we chatted about what we were going to do for Christmas.

5. Early Christmas gift exchange with the boyf's family
I saw there were very cheap train tickets to where the boyf's family live in early December, so I celebrated with them at the start of the month. Don't worry though, I saved opening my presents until 20th December!

6. Viewed a whole house
We've been viewing flats to buy in London, but we decided to have a look and see what we could afford just outside of the zones, and it turns out we could afford a whole house! It ended up going for £20k over the asking price, so we were outbid, but it was exciting to see how much more our money could get us outside of London.

7. Lunch with an old work colleague
One of my old work colleague's moved to Berlin this year, so it was lovely to see him for lunch this month, as he was back for the festive season.

8. Lunch with my old school friend
I have a school friend who has ended up going into a very similar career to mine. It was nice to meet up with her and discuss all the woes in our line of work, mostly funding!

9. Franco Manca and Strictly final for @colouredskies birthday
If anyone has been to Franco Manca they will understand why this is on my favourites! It was also lovely to go to @colouredskies' flat to celebrate her birthday and ask her a million questions during the Strictly final, which I'm sure she really appreciated. Hehe!

10. Richmond with a friend
I love going to Richmond. I arrogantly went to finish off my Christmas shopping with a friend the weekend before Christmas, however it was surprisingly quiet! We thought perhaps everyone was so rich who lives in Richmond that they've all already gone away to their ski resorts!

11. Korean restaurant with the family
This was mostly hilarious because my Mum set a napkin on fire, you had to be there...

12. Christmas meal at the Gate with school friends
We booked this way back in November, and had the Christmas menu. I would highly recommend the Gate if you are looking for an affordable veggie restaurant.

13. The Nutcracker
I saw The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve... enough said.

14. Christmas Day
I had such a lovely Christmas this year; we ate amazing food, played games and my Grandma made it!

15. Boxing Day
This year on Boxing Day we went for lunch at a National Trust property, and went for a little walk.

16. 27th December
On the 27th we went for another lunch in another National Trust property, and I was reunited with the boyf.

17. Lunches out with the boyf
I was treated to Wahaca and Carluccio's!

18. Watching Berlin 36
You have to watch this film. My Dad bought it for me on DVD for Christmas. It is about the Berlin Olympics in 1936. You can watch the trailer here.

19. Christmas cards
It was lovely to receive over 20 Christmas cards this year for me and the boyf. See photo above! I love giving everyone Christmas cards too!

20. Christmas tree
I've loved having a Christmas tree up this year and also adding to my Christmas tree decorations with a couple of additions from the sales.

I hope you've all had an excellent December, and I hope you have an even better New Year!


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