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November Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

The beginning of this month was normal, I was doing just average things, following my daily routine; and whilst not much has changed to my day-to-day life during the end of the month, a lot seems to have happened.

Firstly, I worked until 9.30pm one night. The big project I've been working on since April in my day job is starting to come to an end, and the deadlines are now appearing thick and fast. This may not sound late to many, but it is the latest I've ever worked!

Secondly, my Grandma unexpectedly went into hospital. I'm not entirely sure what the prognosis is yet, but it sounds like they have everything under control. She has four children, so she has lots of support. It's been nice to look over the beginning of this month again and see the positives, as the end of the month hasn't felt that great.

1. Starting Feed Your Soul
As you will probably already know from many of my tweets and my recent blog post, I started the Feed Your Soul newsletter this month. You can read the first one here, and subscribe to it here. I would really, really appreciate the support! I'm hoping it'll be a newsletter you look forward to reading, rather than immediately deleting!

2. Going to my grandparents for dinner
My granddad cooked us pasta and sauce and then we had apple crumble for dinner. It was delicious. I think apple crumble has to be my all time favourite dessert, or maybe apple pie...

3. Sister over for lunch
I had my sister over for lunch, and we chatted and chatted away for over three hours straight.

4. Haircut
I only get my haircut about every six months, as it's so bloody expensive! So when I do get my haircut it's such a treat, and a luxury, that there's no way it would be excluded from my favourites!

5. Boyf's parents in London
The boyf's parents are from Oxfordshire and rarely come to London. I think they've maybe been twice, or three times in the four years we've been living together now. I don't blame them though, as London is a pretty stressful place!

Anyway, this month they came down for the day and we went to Marylebone High Street for lunch, and then showed them the sights of London. The boyf's Dad has never been to Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square before, so we took them there. It's so nice seeing how excited people get about London, having lived here all my life, I forget that it is actually a treat for people to come here!

6. Craft Fair in Teddington
This wasn't a particularly good craft fair, but it was nice to hang out with @colouredskies and the boyf for the afternoon. Also, Teddington is such a nice place to wander around.

7. Fitmas
I've put this in my Favourites to make myself even more accountable for actually following through with this! I heard about it via. Lou from Naturally Beige blog. Basically it is all about getting fit before Christmas. So far I've been trying to work out twice a week, and walk where I would normally get the bus. I've been running so far, but today it's not great weather so I'm going to try an indoor workout.

8. Sort flat day
Sometimes you need those days where you have a mega clean of your home. This weekend we did just that. We cleaned the mould off the bathroom ceiling, defrosted the freezer and re-newed our home insurance. I know it sounds really boring, but I feel so much better when it's all done.

9. Black Friday deals
I love a bargain and there's no better place to grab a bargain than on Black Friday. I bought some Christmas presents from Asos and Amazon at rock bottom prices. Can't wait to get them delivered next week.

10. Making Apple Fritters
I saw Natasha Corrett from Honestly Healthy post the recipe to some apple fritters she had made. I love trying out new recipes when I have the time. These ones were particularly tasty, but are a bit of a faff to make. I was simply happy that I managed to make something a bit different for once!

11. Romeo and Juliet the ballet
I went to see Romeo and Juliet the ballet at the Royal Opera House this month. I took my friend who had never seen it before and she loved it! If you've never seen it, but you've seen the Apprentice, you might recognise this:

12. Getting my first finished pot back from pottery
You can see it above in the photos. I've been doing pottery for about ten weeks now, and I have had a finished mug, but nothing from the wheel. This pot is my first from the wheel, and I'm pretty happy with it! All I need now is a cactus...

13. Wahaca with the boyf
I don't often go out for dinner with the boyf, as we are trying to save money for a deposit, but this month on pay day I thought I'd treat him to a dinner date! If you regularly read my blog, you will know I am obsessed with Wahaca!

14. Girls over
This hasn't actually happened yet, but I am having my school friends over for dinner tomorrow night, and I'm cooking Deliciously Ella lunch bowl.

15. Seeing my work project go to a Beta phase
As I mentioned before it's been a particularly stressful month at work, but it has been worth it as I've seen the first version of the working website that I've been project managing since April of this year. It's very rewarding to finally see it.

16. Subscribing to the London Review of Books
I mentioned the London Review of Books blog in my newsletter this month, but I've also subscribed to their publication. I've been feverishly reading the articles in the paper, and am constantly amazed by how much I'm learning from each article. I would highly recommend subscribing.

That's all for now for my November favourites. What's been your favourite of the month, and what struggles have you had to overcome this month?

Also, I'm hoping to put up my New Year's Resolutions in December, so please do link me any of your 2015 New Year's Resolution posts down below, as I need lots of inspiration!


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