Sunday, 22 November 2015

Introducing... Feed Your Soul | The Small Desk

I try not to lead a vacuous life: I try to make sure every choice I make is good for my soul. From deciding whether to get on a packed train or waiting for the next one, to staying at a job that doesn't pay for a London lifestyle, but gives me food for my soul; these decisions impact my state of mind, and state of mind is something that so often none of us consider enough. We all get bombarded with messages of how to get your body fit and healthy, but so few of how to get your mind fit and healthy.

Sometimes I get these choices wrong, sometimes I have little control over these choices, and sometimes you have to get on that packed train to get to work in order to keep your job! But when I don't feed my soul enough I start to look further towards the vacuous life. My mind starts to wonder and wonder what could I BUY that would help me to feel better.

So often it is not the case that buying something helps you feel better. It is expanding your mind that will make you feel better, or provide you with real escapism. Reading that book about a parallel world, or watching that film about an inspirational person, not only takes you on a journey but it broadens your outlook on life, and provides you with stimulating conversation. Become the interesting person, not the person with the best products.

And so, I present to you my newsletter, Feed Your Soul. At the end of each month it will present you with my book of the month, film of the month, artist of the month, blog of the month and recipe of the month. These things will feed your soul and hopefully enrich your life. I won't be recommending the latest chick flick or beauty blog, unless they have some valuable messages.

I decided to go with book, film and blog of the month for obvious reasons, but you may be wondering about artist of the month and recipe of the month. I added artist of the month, because I honestly believe artists provide one of the most carefully thought out perspectives of humanity, and I added recipe of the month because I felt it was the only crafty thing that everyone can do. Craft is probably one of the most effective ways of feeding your soul.

The November edition is already here waiting for you to read:

If you like what you see please sign up using the form on the side bar of my blog, or here: The first newsletter you will receive will be the December edition. If you REALLY like what you see, please share this post!

I'm so excited to start this newsletter, and I will now constantly be on the look out for amazing books, films, artists, blogs and recipes, so please comment below with any of these!


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