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Explore: Arundel Castle, Sussex | The Small Desk

A couple of weeks ago I went on a day trip with my Dad to Arundel Castle in Sussex. The highest ticket price is £19.80, and the lowest, which only allows you into the gardens, chapel and cafe, is £9. You can get trains to Arundel station from London Victoria, and then it is only a ten minute walk to the Castle. 

The Castle is owned by the Duke of Norfolk, and there are a few photographs of him and the family around the castle. The first thing we did when we got to the castle was walk up to the Castle Keep. They told us it was a lot of steps to climb, but it really didn't feel that bad, and we were up the top of the tower in no time at all. The photo below is the view from the top of the Keep.

Afterwards we walked around all of the rooms in the house and up to the Castle bedrooms. You have to pay an extra £2 to see the bedrooms but it is definitely worth it, as you get to see the room Queen Victoria stayed in and the impressive gold bed they made for her in advance of her arrival. You're not allowed to take photos anywhere inside the Castle, so I don't have any to show you, which is a shame. But if you Google the Library and the bedrooms you'll see how impressive these rooms are. The Library is drenched in dark red fabrics, with curtains separating sections of the library. It is filled with old books locked behind caged bookcases, and even has a very morbid death warrant from Elizabeth I for the fourth Duke of Norfolk. 

Built in the 11th century, this castle is steeped in history, and has a phenomenal art collection including a few van Dycks and Canalettos that were commissioned by the family themselves!

After you've seen all the rooms in the castle, you can walk around the gardens, including very well maintained and manicured gardens. When we were walking around the castle there was a gate that you weren't allowed to go through, and I've now found out by finding an aerial photo of the castle that behind that gate is a swimming pool and a tennis court! 

The gardens are overlooked by the incredibly impressive and beautiful Arundel cathedral, which you can see above. 

They have a variety of fruit and vegetables growing in the gardens and you can buy a selection of them in one of the green houses by putting money into an honesty box.

I would definitely recommend visiting Arundel Castle, and if you do, or already have, please do let me know! Are there any other castles in the UK I should visit?


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