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Ten reasons I love Brighton | The Small Desk

There are some places where you feel your heart lies, and where you just want to keep going back. Brighton is that place for me. I was born and raised in the capital, and still live here to this day, but somehow I find myself lusting after the Brighton life and it keeps calling me back. It's a city by the sea with so much character and personality. It feels alive, in a way that London used to feel like to me, but is quickly being killed by endless money. That phrase, 'Tired of London, Tired of Life', no longer holds true. It's more like 'Tired of London, Tired of Greed'. Brighton feels as though there is more humility, more sense of reality and more fresh creativity. I present to you the ten reasons I love Brighton...

1. The Sea
Whenever I feel stressed or low, I know that the one thing that will instantly make me drop my shoulders is to see the sea. When you look out to sea you see the big sky, the limitless ocean, and you gain perspective in such a literal sense that you don't get anywhere else. Simply to see the sea makes me happy.

2. The independent homeware shops
Abode and Bert's Homestore are my favourites. Don't get me wrong, I do like high street homeware stores but there's something about an independent one that makes you feel like you're buying something more unique for your home. You tend to get less well-known brands and a more carefully curated selection of products. I'm obsessed with homeware full-stop anyhow!

3. The independent cafes
There are so many vegetarian and even vegan cafes in Brighton and the majority are independent. No chains, just really good healthy and fresh homemade food. I have never been anywhere in the UK with so much choice for vegetarians. It makes me super happy.

4. North Laine
This is where you can find all these independent shops! As well as street performers and pretty buildings.

5. Characterful houses
As I was just saying, the buildings in Brighton are gorgeous. The little colourful terrace houses that are scattered in between the shops are completely adorable.

6. It's proximity to London
I love how easy it is to get from London to Brighton. From Clapham Junction it only takes 50 minutes.

7. Brighton Dome
I know most people might say the Pavilion, but I actually prefer the architecture of the Dome. They are very similar, but I feel there is a bit more subtlety to the Dome with nicer detailing.

8. The people
I've pretty much said this throughout, but the people in Brighton are amazing. Their alternative dress sense and warm attitude is something to be admired. Creativity is oozing out of them!

9. The promenade where you can cycle
Every time I walk across the promenade onto the beach I make sure to check for the endless stream of cyclists who cycle down there. What a dream to be able to cycle next to the sea on your way home from work.

10. It's proximity to the South Downs
And finally, I love how close Brighton is to the South Downs. It means you have the best of both worlds: sea and the countryside.

Basically, Brighton, I love you.


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