Monday, 12 October 2015

How to talk about art | The Small Desk

For so many years I would walk into galleries or exhibitions and think that if I didn't like an artwork it was because I didn't get the artwork. Well, ladies and gentlemen I'm here today to tell you, YOU CAN SAY YOU HATE IT. Art is personal; not every piece of artwork speaks to everyone. If one particular artwork spoke to everyone it might as well be talking to no-one. You CAN go into a gallery and walk straight out again because you don't like it. You CAN say you don't think the artist has painted the best picture and you CAN like an artwork that other people think is crap. Leave your preconceptions at the door, because this is how you can talk about art.

1. Look at the picture and describe it to whoever you are with.

2. Look at the tiny details and try and find something you might not have seen if you had just glanced at the work. Then point out the tiny detail to your friend and try and think why the artist has made the detail so subtle.

3. Think about what emotions the artwork makes you feel, even if it makes you feel no emotion. Why does it make you feel no emotion.

4. Look at where the artwork is in the exhibition or gallery. What type of space is around it. Why has it been put there, and is its positioning improving or damaging the artwork itself. Would you have arranged the space differently? Think about where the artwork may have originally been displayed.

5. Have a look when the artwork was made. Was there any major event that happened at the time the work was created that would have affected the artist?

6. Does the artwork remind you of anything? Another artist's work? An object? A piece of history? An event?

7. Does the artwork remind you of anything in your life? Does it evoke a memory?

8. Is the artwork telling you a story? Does it take you on a journey? Does it feed your imagination?

9. Would you like to see more art like this? If not, talk about art that you do like. Tell whoever you are with what you prefer.

10. Do you like it, love it or hate it? Be proud of your feelings and don't be scared to say what YOU really think.

Basically, what I'm saying is that it is EASY to talk about art. Anyone can do it, anyone can enjoy it and anyone can get involved. So, look up your local exhibitions, local galleries and go and show them support. Because after all, art is what it means to be human.


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