Sunday, 11 October 2015

Getting out of my blogging funk | The Small Desk

Lately I've been in a bit of a blogging funk. You may or may not have noticed that I haven't posted in two weeks! I've just not been feeling my blog. I've not had any ideas of what to write about, I've not felt inspired and I've generally not wanted to blog. It does make me sad that I haven't even wanted to post, but then I think it is partly to do with my job. 

Basically I've been given a new role in my job, which means I get to start commissioning content. I've put myself so into the mindset of coming up with ideas for other people to write that I haven't thought about anything for me to write. I've been trying to find the best writers for particular subjects; finding experts in their subject area, and it's sort of made me feel less well equipped to write about lifestyle. I'm no lifestyle expert and I started to worry that I'm not providing the best content for my readers. I've started to think about what I am more of an expert in, and whether or not I can fit that into my blog posts. 

My passion is art. I read art books, I go to art exhibitions, I work in the arts, I do pottery classes, I have a collection of films about artists, I live and breathe art. Yet, it's something that I rarely feature on my blog. At first I was simply crippled by the fear of copyright implications and didn't want to feature any works of art on my blog in case I was caught out on copyright grounds, but then I started to think I hadn't built up the right audience to warrant talking about art. 

Recently I've been listening to Jen Carrington's 'Make it Happen' podcast, which is an incredibly inspiring podcast that helps enable bloggers to turn their blogs into businesses. Now, I'm not necessarily looking to turn my blog into a business, but it did make me think about doing a podcast. Jen has taken her expertise in blogging and created a rather brilliant podcast. She's just a normal girl, younger than me and she's made a podcast. Basically, I think I'm going to make a podcast about art. And in turn, hopefully it'll make me more creative with my blog. We'll see!

Jen's podcast is accessible and friendly, and that is what I would love to do with art. I would like to share my feelings and some of my knowledge on art, but not make it too elitist. Whether or not this idea will actually happen is another thing!

But I will try and put more art posts up here because it is a massive part of my life, and I think keeping it out may be damaging my blog in the long-term. I still have a big passion for homeware, travel and books, so there will still be a lot of those posts too. Hope you understand, and thanks for staying with me through my blogging funk.


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