Thursday, 24 September 2015

There's something about forests | The Small Desk

There's something about forests that I'm a little bit obsessed with. I think it's the joy of being surrounded by nature, walking aimlessly and stumbling upon unexpected gems hidden deep within. It's also the colours and the textures, which I try and bring into my everyday life, whether it's a forest green jumper or a wooden Christmas tree decoration.

I've explored forests in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and in the UK. The first time I realised how in awe of forests I was, was when I was on a coach in New Zealand going towards Milford Sound. We were driving so high up on the side of a mountain that we could see the tree tops of the forest below. It felt like we were in pre-historic times and it instantly made me feel like I had re-connected with the Earth on some level. I think sometimes we can all get so wrapped up in technology and the manmade that we forget to remember where everything started; from nature, from the Earth.

When I enter a forest for the first time there is something so calming about the sense of feeling lost. A forest sometimes has paths, but with the trees so tall around you and not being able to have much sense of space it is difficult to know quite where you are at all times. The tall trees give you perspective; making you remember how small we are on this planet. When I feel anxious about something I like to imagine myself in a forest and then imagine a bird's eye view of me in the forest, and then me in the town, then the country and then the world. It helps me to remember how insignificant my worries really are. It visualises how nature will always tower over us and provide us with years of wisdom locked within.

When you leave a forest and are at first blinded by the tree-free, bright sky ahead, you feel as though you have just stepped out of a magical world and are smug with glee that you've been able to escape the real world, even just for that moment. Then there are the animals of the forest; in the soil, on the bark of the tree, on the leaf at the top of the tree, you can't count them on one hand. It's fill to the brim with life working away to survive, but then it's also an offering to us humans to run away from the work we do to survive and take a deep breath.

I've found some beautiful pieces of artwork to bring the forest into your home: a) Lucy Driscoll b) Darrelynne c) Peter Donnelly d) Maloriz Home e) David Fleck f) Hacklock

Do you share my obsession with forests? Let me know in the comments below.


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