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September Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

I used to find writing Favourites posts quite enjoyable, but I'm increasingly finding them stressful to write, as it has basically become a way of reminding me how quickly time passes. HOW IS IT OCTOBER 2015 in a few days!?

I felt like I was fine with 2010, 2011, even 2012, but as soon as 2013 came it felt like I really had 100% made that transition from graduate to adult, and it still terrifies me today! I think your twenties are weirder than any other time in your life for thinking about the future, because you start to really remember the past. Like when you're 16 and you think about ten years ago, you're six... you can hardly remember it... but when you're 27 and you think about ten years ago, you were 17... I can very much still remember those times.

I know I've come a long way in ten years, but it still freaks me out to think how quickly ten years can go and I don't think you really have that feeling until you're in your late twenties. I know, I know, it must be weirder if you're older than that, but surely you have had more time to adjust!? I duno!

This month I've had a cold for about half of it so haven't really enjoyed it that much, but there have been some highlights along the way and I'm going to talk about them... now!

1. Electric Cinema
My top favourite of this month was going to see Marshland at the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch. I bought the boyf a voucher for this cinema in January, and he only found a film he wanted to see this month! To be fair it was an absolutely stonking (I love that word!) good film. It was the best cinematography I have ever seen. Even though I only saw it for the first time this month it still made my Top 20 Films post.

2. Pottery course
This month I have started a pottery course! After collecting pottery for a while now I thought it would be fun to see how it is made. I'm doing the course with one of my besties; we are two weeks in and we are already using the wheel! It's way harder than it looks, but it is great to do something that isn't looking at a screen. I might do a post on all the things I have made once the course is over. Watch this space!

3. Mum over for dinner
One Sunday this month I had my mum over for dinner and I made a Deliciously Ella curry. I was a little bit concerned as to how it would turn out, as I've never made it before, but it was a success!

4. Cousin's wedding
This was the third wedding I've ever been to, can you believe it!? My cousin got married to her partner of five years in Dulwich Christ Chapel. It was a beautiful ceremony with fantastic music and then a delightful reception afterwards. I wore a £40 dress from ASOS, was pretty pleased with the bargain! I had a bit of drama finding a dress for the wedding, I lost count of the amount of times I bought something online and had to return it! My cousin wore a skirt made by her mum!

5. Chinese takeaway
After work one day one of my old school friends came over and we ordered Chinese takeaway. I think we massively over ordered and ended up lolling on the floor in pain from our over stuffed stomachs!

6. Work conference
What!? A conference in my favourites!? Well, put it this way it had a chocolate brownie break and was in Brighton. Nuff said!

7. Friend's birthday drinks 
Last night I met up with some of the guys I went to Perranporth with, for one of their birthday drinks. Was great to catch up.

8. Walk with the boyf
Went for a walk with the boyf in the park near where we live one Saturday afternoon. I really love going for walks with the boyf, as it gets us away from our computers and phones and we have some quality conversation!

9. Heated drying rack 
My amazing mum bought me a heated drying rack. I highly, highly recommend it, just so you don't have to have your clothes hanging out across the house. It is so nice to have them all in one contained space, and they dry quickly!

10. Succulents from my friend
My friend came over for lunch and brought me a present, which was a little succulent in a glass jar! Basically a little terrarium, which I've been wanting for ages. It was so nice to receive a gift for absolutely no reason!

How has your September been? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!


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