Saturday, 8 August 2015

Why I choose to be an anonymous blogger | The Small Desk

I have often thought that perhaps I should share more about me on this blog: what I look like, my full name, what my job is, etc. I feel like I'm one of the few anonymous bloggers left! But then the fear kicks in. I'm a pretty private person in general. If I know you, and consider you a friend, you'll probably know everything about me, whether you want to or not! But when it comes to those I've never met in person, I'm not so open. I'm still of the generation who doesn't 100% fully trust the Internet, and where fame is met with caution: the year I went to secondary school Jill Dando, a famous TV presenter was stalked and murdered outside her home.

I'm 27. There, I'll give you that, a little piece of me... But when I was 16, as some bloggers are these days, I was using MSN messenger and the news was littered with horror stories of teenagers meeting crazy strangers from the Internet and things going horribly wrong. There was even a deep mistrust of paying for things over the Internet.

I know things have changed, and part of the reason I blog more is because I am starting to trust the Internet more, and seeing everyone's lovely faces on Twitter profiles and blog profiles makes me much more comfortable knowing the audience I am engaging with has smiley, happy faces! And I am so glad to engage with and chat to so many amazing bloggers over Twitter and through comments, but I still have that fear that one day, one crazy day when maybe my blog gains more that a few hundred subscribers and people start to recognise me in the street, I will get worried and will lose my so treasured sense of privacy, which, for me, contributes to an increased feeling of security.

I am also worried that someone in my industry will find this blog and read it and judge me for it. I never want this blog to affect me getting a job in a negative way, and I realise that it could help in a positive way but I just don't want to take that risk.

Basically I am shit at taking risks when it comes to things that I prize so highly: my privacy, my career and my identity. 

You do see a lot of me through my writing on this blog and if you met me after reading this blog you would feel like you already know me in a way. So although I appear anonymous, I promise you there is a real person behind The Small Desk, and one who really wants to join in with this blogging fun. I hope you'll stay reading this blog even though it probably doesn't feel as personal as the others. Just call me Alice, and say hi in the comments!

Also, I completely respect and have a lot of admiration for those who do share more of themselves through blogging, and I don't want to scare you off doing so! It's just not for me, personally. 


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