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Six Creative Things I Want to Do | The Small Desk

If you're reading this post you may also be a fellow creative, and if you are, then I think you'll relate to this post. I am always thinking about the next creative thing I want to do, but then never get around to focussing on one or pursuing any of my ideas. Therefore it might be a good idea, or at least give me some sense of satisfaction to write down the six creative things I want to do during my lifetime. Some of them will take a lot of work to do, and some funding, therefore they won't start for a while, but others I could definitely start on straight away. Let me know if any of these ideas fit with what you want to do too.

1. Open an online shop
Now I specifically want to open a home interiors shop that also has a focus on stationery. I would be very selective in what I sold and only sell brands and products I would buy myself. For example: Ferm Living, Georg Jensen, Hay and Rifle Paper. Let me know in the comments if you would buy from it if it had those brands!

2. Create a podcast series
I've always been one of those people who can't help but get lost in listening to other people's conversations. I'll be at a restaurant and the boyf has to shout 'Alice' to stop me from staring and earwigging in on someone else's conversation. It doesn't matter how interested I am in the company I am with, for some reason I cannot help but listen in on other people's conversations.

I love it when you hear a snapshot of someone's conversation that is so out of context it makes you giggle. My favourite place to overhear people's conversations is walking over Waterloo bridge. There is something about passing over the water and passing by people's lives and conversations that is really moving and enjoyable. All this points to why I've started to love podcasts – especially interviews and conversations between reporters – it is a credible and socially acceptable way to listen in to other people's conversations!

When I talk about my family to anyone they are always really interested to hear about their professions: they are musicians and my Grandma is an actress! So I thought they would be the best people to start a possible series of podcasts called 'Creative careers', or something like that. It would be specifically about how people ended up where they are in their careers. There are so many successful and talented creatives who are unknown, and want to remain under the radar, but whose stories would be so useful and fascinating to others who want to get into the industry.

3. Write a novel
I have started writing a novel, but I have a LONG way to go until I even get around to speculatively sending it to a literary agent. I find I have times where I have a flurry of productivity and get loads written, and other times I'll go a couple of weeks without writing a thing. I think it is important to leave it for a bit, maybe not two weeks (!), so that you gain perspective on it. I need to be stricter with myself in terms of getting some writing done. Hopefully now I've written about it in this post I will feel more pressure to write!?

4. Learn to make pottery
After my Mum bought me two of Philip Leach's hand crafted bowls, I have decided I really want to know how to make pottery. I also feel it would be a great experience; I am always looking at a computer screen, so I think it'd be a good hobby to have that doesn't involve looking at a bright screen!

5. Get my writing on an online lifestyle/news site
I have tried a few times to get my writing on sites like the Debrief and Huffington Post, but so far I have had no luck. I will keep trying, maybe one day! If anyone has had their writing on one of those sites, please leave me a link!

6. Improve my photography
And finally, one that will never change and will always remain my main passion in life is photography. I need to take my camera out with me more! Hopefully one day I will be able to afford my dream camera, which is a Leica. What's your dream camera?

Those are the six creative things I want to do! I'll let you know how I get on, and if you can recommend how I can start doing any of these, please do let me know in the comments below.


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