Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My dream house: pinterest boards | The Small Desk

Some of my very early blog posts were all about homeware and interiors. It isn't something I've blogged about for a while, but recently as I'm starting to save for a mortgage (£200 so far!), I've been starting to think about interiors again. This means I've been obsessively making Pinterest boards. I used to have one board for my 'dream home', but now I've become more serious and have separate boards for every room in the house! I thought you might be interested to see what ideas I have for my future home and whether you can recommend any similar furniture brands or pattern designers.

My two favourite styles are Arts and Crafts and Mid-Century Modern. However I also love a sprinkling of minimalism with white walls and a clutter-free living environment. These boards are works in progress, so be sure to follow if you're interested in seeing how they develop.

For the bedroom I would love to stick to having a natural wood bed with linen bedding. I've found some really lovely linen bedding from Loaf, which I will have to save up for as it is a little pricey! I am obsessed with Normann Copenhagen and would love to have their little mint green trolley as my bedside table along with their clothes racks. The Ercol Treviso desk is something I already own; I was lucky enough to find it on sale in the Ercol outlet, it is my dream desk! I am also obsessed with the brand, Ferm Living and would love to add some greenery to the bedroom with their standing plant pots. Overall I imagine the colour scheme for this room to be very natural, but with some gold and mint green accents.

Living Room
The living room board is probably one of the most confused looking boards, but this is the room that I have the clearest ideas for. I would love to have the bird and pomegranate William Morris wallpaper covering one wall, with a black Arts and Crafts style fireplace. Opposite this wall I would like a gallery-style wall of prints, photos, mirrors and cross-stitch hoops. Then I would like a large grey sofa up against this wall. I'd also like some armchairs and would have to think about where I'd put the TV and books. I've added a Normann Copenhagen bookcase to this board, but I'm not 100% sure about it. The colour scheme for this room would be dark green. I would like it to beautiful and cosy.

The bathroom board is inspired by Aesop. I would love to have the whole room covered in tiling and lots of storage for towels. I'm sick of storing all my towels under my bed in what is essentially a large plastic bag! I am also in love with Ferm Living's bathroom accessories, especially the hexagon shelf/mirror combo. The colour scheme for this room would be dark wood, black and white, with brushed gold detailing where possible.

My main inspiration for the hallway was seeing a massive round mirror in our hotel in Stockholm. I would also love to have a bench where people can sit and put on their shoes. It might be a nice place to add a rug runner.

Finally, the kitchen. I would love to have a ceramic sink and a pantry. I like the idea of having lots of plain tiling and a neutral colour palette. I would definitely want a shelf that I could devote completely to cook books. I need to do more research on kitchens, this is one board I haven't done as much thinking on.

So those are my dream house Pinterest boards! Do you do this too? Am I obsessed?!


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