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July Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

July has been a very busy month, especially in terms of work. I can't remember a day where I finished on time, or didn't spend most of my day trying to answer all the emails in my inbox. It's the sort of busy that sometimes you enjoy, and other times the stress tires you out so much all you can do when you get home is sleep. I've also found myself forgetting a lot of things and making stupid mistakes, which always happens when you have too much to do. I hope I'm not failing everyone!

I've also had quite a busy month in terms of socialising. As I've mentioned before I have been trying quite hard to socialise more since finishing my MA almost two years ago. During this time I had to curb my socialising in order to actually complete the qualification, but as a result it made me quite anxious when it came to socialising. I still don't feel I'm the best at socialising, especially in large groups, and although I enjoy it, I sometimes get quite nervous in anticipation of events. The more you do something, the less it scares you, sometimes... Anyway, without any further chit-chat, here are my July favourites.

1. Sister's graduation
This month my sister finished her two year full-time MA. It was a very intense course, and highly pressurised, so I was super proud of her for finishing it. We also went for a delicious lunch afterwards, and celebrated with some tasty desserts.

2. Starting Travel Bloggers Chat
I always love participating in blogger chats on Twitter, but often find they start too early for me. I also saw that there was a gap in the topics that blogger chats were on, which was travel. These two things combined made me want to start a travel chat that started a bit later, at 9pm, this way I could get involved after work. I decided I couldn't do this alone and that it would be great to get some other bloggers involved. Luckily Jasmin Charlotte and Things Sarah Loves agreed to co-found the chat with me, and Travel Bloggers Chat was born! It is every Thursday at 9pm and we use the hashtag #travelbloggers. I have been overwhelmed by how many people have joined it and it has made me so proud. Jasmin and Sarah have been fantastic and so supportive, thanks guys!

3. Meeting my sister's new boyfriend 
I'll keep this one brief, as I don't want to embarrass my sister, but one of my favourites this month was meeting my sister's new Finnish boyfriend! We went to Polpo for dinner and chatted about all things Finland. I would love to go there one day, especially since my Scandinavian interrailing trip.

4. Boyf's Dad's BBQ birthday
Early in the month it was the boyf's Dad's birthday, and we were invited round for a BBQ. All of his family came and it was great to catch up with everyone. It was also great to see his sister's engagement ring! Cannot wait for that wedding!

5. St Paul's Women's Wimbledon Final
I went to watch the Women's Final with some of my old school friends on the roof of One New Change in St Paul's. It was such a beautiful day, and we sat and had strawberries and cans of Pimms. Afterwards we went to the bar where they film the TV show 'First Dates'!

6. Wimbledon Men's Final at a friend's house
For the Men's final I went round to a friend's house and had more strawberries and little chocolate cakes. I am obsessed with watching the finals of Wimbledon, but rarely watch much else. I was a little disappointed Murray wasn't in the final.

7. Work summer party
This year the boyf made it to the work summer party! It normally takes me about an hour and a half to get home after the party, which makes me dread it, but knowing I had someone to join me on the journey back made the whole thing a lot more enjoyable.

8. Noodles with my Dad
One evening the boyf was out and my mum and sis were out, and neither me or my Dad were doing anything, rather than sit on our own in our separate houses we decided to get take out noodles. It's always good to have a catch up with my Dad!

9. Lunch with my sister
My sister came over for lunch one Saturday and we chatted and chatted and chatted. It was so good to catch up, and laugh about so much silly stuff that only sisters understand.

10. Richmond Park picnic
One super sunny Sunday this month the boyf and I headed out for a picnic in Richmond Park. We took a picnic blanket and bought some fancy M&S lunch and chatted for ages. I even blogged about it.

11. Friend's birthday BBQ
It was one of my friend's 30th birthdays' this month and he had a BBQ to celebrate. It was nice to hang out and I even played some Mario Kart, very badly!

12. Hepworth with my Mum
I went to see the Barbara Hepworth exhibition with my Mum at Tate Britain. I love Hepworth's work, but the curating of the exhibition was terrible. This is on my favourites purely for the time I got to spend with my Mum!

13. Making filo apple tarts with colouredskies
It was one of the girls at my work's last day and I volunteered to make these filo apple tarts. Little did I know how complicated they were, but luckily I had already invited my friend round to help me. It was so much fun baking with her and we also watched the latest Pretty Little Liars.

14. Wahaca with the girls
At the end of the month I went to Wahaca with a couple of my old school friends. It was so good to catch up, chat about the old days and about new and exciting things happening in their lives. I also love Wahaca, I wish I could eat there everyday!

15. Dinner at The Folly in Monument 
This was suggested by one of my friends as a great place to eat, and I would now second that! We went there on a Tuesday and I had an amazing watermelon salad. I had a great time catching up with my friends and getting excited for our summer holiday.

16. Getting my hair done
For the first time in a YEAR I had my hair dyed again! I had balayage, which means it will grow out more naturally than highlights. I love getting my hair done, especially when they give you a head massage!

17. Watching Hector and the Search for Happiness
I watched this by myself on Netflix, and it is such a great film. It is about a psychiatrist who feels he cannot help his patients as he doesn't know what happiness is, so he goes on a round-the-world trip to find out what happiness means to people.

18. Watching Into the Wild
I watched this film with the boyf, and if you haven't seen it I would highly recommend you watch it. It is pretty intense, but the cinematography is absolutely extraordinary.

That's all my favourites this month. Sorry about the lack of blog posts in July, but as you can see I've had a fairly busy old month! What have you been up to? Have you seen any of those films?


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