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August Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

August, August, August, where have you gone?! I cannot believe we are heading into September now! One thing I am so glad I am not talking about is 'back to school', but it does feel weird that I haven't had to face that dread of going back to school after the long summer holidays for nearly ten years now. Even though it has been that long I still miss the long summer holidays you get when you're at school; the days where you can lounge on your bed, listening to music and generally doss around because you have all the time in the world, and no responsibilities.

Every year when it comes to August and I'm sitting at my desk in the office I do get jealous of school kids running around doing whatever they please, but then it gets to September and I think, thank GOD I don't have to do homework anymore!

On that note, here are all the things I've loved in the month of August, again in no particular order...

1. Perranporth, Cornwall, with friends
Well I've blogged ALL about this already, so I won't go on too much about it and if you want to read the post then please click the link above. Basically, I went to Perranporth in Cornwall with a group of friends, we went surfing, walking and running on the beach. The weather was amazing for the first half of the holiday and then when the weather was terrible we played an epic game called Werewolf.

2. Shopping and lunch with my sister at Westfield 
Yesterday I took my sister for lunch at Wagamamas in Westfield, and then we went shopping for outfits for my cousin's upcoming wedding. We found nothing, but had a great time chatting and laughing at all the hideous dresses we tried on. My sister also got stuck in a dress, twice! We also went to the photo booth in Urban Outfitters and felt like we were 16!

3. Swimming
I haven't been swimming in ages, but I was inspired by swimming in the sea in Cornwall and went again yesterday. I just go to my local pool, and the changing rooms smell of baby poo, but once I am in the pool and swimming lengths I feel so relaxed and calm. It's the best antidote to stress.

4. The return of the Great British Bake Off
All the hail the Great British Bake Off! It's the TV show that feels like it is wrapping you up in a big fluffy blanket and handing you a cup of tea, whilst the hosts made you chuckle and the contestants surprise and delight you with their amazing creations, and occasionally make you cringe for them! It is also the one TV show that EVERYONE seems to watch, so is excellent for small talk.

5. Hair cut and dyed at The Lounge Soho
I love getting my hair cut and dyed, but I can normally only afford it once or twice a year. So when I do have it done, there is no doubt it will appear in my favourites. My normal hairdresser didn't have time to cut and dye my hair before I went on holiday... NIGHTMARE! Luckily, the boyf recommended the salon he goes to and it was actually pretty good! I had a balayage hair dye and a trim with some 'beachy' waves added in at the end. To see a photo, check out my Instagram.

6. Watching Prudential Ride London
The bike race went through an area close to where I live, so me and the boyf decided to go and watch everyone in what is essentially the bike version of the London marathon. It is so impressive seeing everyone persevere with the gruelling 100 mile course. I particularly enjoyed watching it with the boyf, as it made him so motivated to get a bike, which he now has done!

7. Dad's birthday meal
This year I was on holiday for my Dad's birthday, so kindly my Mum cooked up a pre-birthday dinner so that I could give him his pressies and wish him an early birthday.

8. Dinner with the girls at Masala Zone
If you haven't had a Grand Thali at Masala Zone you are missing out! They are essentially like a plate of Indian tapas all to yourself. I almost had a regular sized one, but then they asked if I wanted rice OR chapati... confusion hit... so I opted for the grand, as you get both! I also very much enjoyed the company of my friends, it wasn't ALL about the food... promise!

9. Saving
This month I have really got to grips with saving for a mortgage. This is just a personal goal of mine that I wanted to document, so I won't go into any more detail here.

10. Invisibilia podcast: The Secret History of Thoughts
I have become slightly obsessed with podcasts recently, and my friend at work recommended Invisibilia. In particular she recommended the episode titled 'The Secret History of Thoughts'. Go listen to it, it will blow your mind.

11. Friends' engagement
Yes the apostrophe is after the 's' – it is two friends. Two friends who I've always known as a couple, and who have been going out almost exactly the same length of time as me and the boyf, got engaged this month! I am so happy for them! I almost cried when the girl sent me a photo of the ring, God knows what I'm going to be like at the wedding! Pass the tissues!

12. Pottery from my Mum
My final favourite of the month is the pottery that my Mum bought me from Devon. She bought me two bowls by the potter, Philip Leach. You can see a photo of them on my Instagram, they are very pretty.

That's all my favourites for August! What have you enjoyed about this month? Is anyone going back to school or Uni?


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