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I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars | The Small Desk

Whilst I sit here writing this blog I am thinking about Pretty Little Liars. I am only writing this blog because I can't think about anything other than Pretty Little Liars. I couldn't think of a blog post topic and asked my boyf and he suggested I write about my addiction to Pretty Little Liars!

When I wake up I watch it with my breakfast. When I put my makeup on I have it on next to me. When I leave work I look forward to getting home so that I can indulge in another episode... or three. The theme tune is permanently stuck in my head, so much so I think I've worked out that it actually tells you who 'A' is! I'm hoping that the show will slowly get worse as I progress through the seasons and I can put a stop to this madness! My recommendation to you is... don't even start...

PLL, as it is commonly known as, is a TV show on Netflix. It has six seasons, each with 20 or so episodes. The show revolves around the lives of four main characters: Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily. I am only on season two, so I cannot explain too much, but the premise of the show is that the girls are trying to find out who killed their best friend, Alison. Through trying to find out who is the murderer they begin being stalked by a mystery character only known as 'A'. As they often say: "'A' is everywhere". Cheesy, I know. This is the problem, I know that a lot of the acting isn't that great, and that the script isn't terrific, yet it is so addictive!

As I am obviously interested in writing, I've been thinking: what makes a script or a storyline addictive? What makes a book a page-turner? What makes a film gripping? What makes a TV take over your life?

It definitely has to have one or more of the following:

Strong characters
These have to be characters that the reader or viewer wants to invest in. Characters that they want to get to know. Sometimes the characters can be like friends but other times the audience will like a mystery character, someone they have to watch more to find out more about.

PLL uses music that makes you think something terrible is about to happen. Sometimes they trick you, and it's only her 'mom', but other times it's the shadow of 'A'. This way you are always suspecting something might be up, and you want to know what it is.

Multiple storylines with multiple conclusions
I think this is why PLL is so addictive. It has multiple smaller storylines as well as one core plot line. This way you know that you will find out something in an episode. You are not constantly left hanging. You will either enter into a new storyline or understand the conclusion of another.

One core plot line
This is what will make you want to finish all six seasons, or finish the book. The core plot line will be strong throughout, but no solid conclusion will be made until right at the end. This way even if you don't read the book for a while, or you miss a few episodes, you still understand where the plot line is heading.

What makes a TV show addictive to you? What books have you read that are page-turners?


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