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Broadway Market, East London | The Small Desk

I've always wanted to go to Broadway Market. I've heard so many people talking about it, saying how cool it is, what a variety of food there is and how great the atmosphere is, yet I've always been put off going as it is so far away from where I live. The thing about London is that it is so big and so busy that even though you live in London that 'amazing place' might still take you over an hour to get to!

Yesterday I decided to make the effort and travel with the boyf to Broadway Market. We took a variety of tubes and trains to London Fields. From here Broadway Market is only a five or ten minute stroll through London Fields park. Wandering through the park you realise what a trendy area this has become. It is full of those East London hipsters and even hipster children! As you approach the Market you immediately feel the buzz and excitement around it. Everyone is randomly bumping into people they know, there is a real community feel to the whole area. It is a community feel I've not felt in London for a long time.

The Market is on a long street called... Broadway Market! There are little shops and cafes all the way down the street with the market stalls running back-to-back down the middle of the street. It is packed with vintage clothing, vintage homeware, cactus stalls, but mainly food. There is Jamaican food, Lebanese, vegan, vegetarian, bakeries, chocolate stalls and fresh fish. It is a complete mix of cultures and cuisines. It is a market for those who are not fussed about what type of food they eat, as long as it tastes amazing. The quality of the food stalls here is very high and you can expect to pick up this street food for only marginally cheaper than you would in a restaurant. If you forget to take cash with you, there is a Post Office where you can withdraw cash over the counter.

Here are the places I most enjoyed whilst on my visit:
This is the stall of the fishmonger by the same name on Broadway Market. The boyf is a fan of tuna steak and once he saw the tuna steak roll on the menu there was no turning back. It was a fairly pricey £6, but I was assured that it was worth every penny. 

2. The Veggie Table
Since making recipes from the Deliciously Ella cookbook I have become slightly obsessed with sweet potatoes and chickpeas, so when I saw The Veggie Table stall selling chickpea and sweet potato burger I immediately knew I had to try it. You have the option of having the burger in a box with salad or in a bun with salsa. It was a taste sensation, and I would highly recommend it! They also do halloumi burgers.

3. Schoolyard market
Just around the corner from Broadway Market is the Schoolyard market. It is held in the school playground of London Fields primary school. It feels like an extension of Broadway Market. It has very similar stalls, such as doughnuts, fresh juices, more cactuses and even a jewellery stand.

4. Jaz and Jul's
After my chickpea and sweet potato burger I headed for Jaz and Jul's ice lolly stall. I had seen in passing that they sold a raspberry and orange lolly and on this hot summer day I could think of nothing more appealing. When I got there I realised there was an option to dip the ice lolly in chocolate and sprinkles. Needless to say I could not say no, and before I knew it I was holding an ice lolly rolled in chocolate and raspberry sprinkles! It ended up being the most expensive ice lolly I've ever bought at £3.20! It was worth it though, again, I would highly recommend!

5. London Fields
As we made our way back to the station we wandered through London Fields. I had not realised how beautiful the wild flowers were before. I looked it up and it turns out Hackney council planted this wild flower meadow for only the second year running. It is definitely worth visiting this area if only to see these flowers.


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