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As you may or may not know, I recently went on an Inter-railing trip around Scandinavia. The second stop on my holiday was Stockholm. I've been to this city once before, but it was at New Year, and therefore freezing and in turn less exploring was undertaken! This time we went in May and the weather was ten times better, and allowed us to discover new places to eat through exploring the city. As a vegetarian I find Scandinavia quite tricky to find anywhere to eat out. I felt it was important to dedicate a post to those veggies looking to go to Stockholm who are worried about what they might be able to eat. Here are my top five:

1. Fotografiska
Good for: Location

Fotografiska is the main photography gallery in Stockholm. It is widely acclaimed for being one of the best photography galleries in Europe. I also heard that the restaurant wasn't bad either! We had set out to go to Hermans vegetarian buffet for lunch, as I had heard very favourable reviews, however when we got there we found it was closed until July! Luckily Fotografiska is only over the road from Hermans, so we decided to go there instead. We went at lunchtime and the menu is, let's say... limited. There are two options for lunch, one veggie and one meat. You decide which one you want and then you are allowed to top it up by taking as much as you want from their incredibly varied, healthy and delicious buffet salad bar. It isn't cheap, but the view of the sea and the city compensates for the price!

2. Guru
Good for: Cheap eat

Sometimes you just want a curry. This was another place we stumbled upon. We were on our way back from a restaurant we thought would be good, but the menu was just too Swedish for me! This place has all the classic Indian dishes you would expect, at a reasonable price and of a pretty decent quality. It is more Indian takeaway style food, but it's not greasy and all the starters seem as though they are made from scratch, including the samosas. Definitely worth a try if you are craving a curry whilst in Stockholm.

3. Knut
Good for: Hipsters

After getting very lost looking for a vegetarian restaurant we'd found on Tripadvisor, we came across Knut. It looked very trendy and had all the qualities of a place you'd expect to find in this incredibly hip city. We went inside and all the tables were empty, but when we asked for a table were two we were told we'd have to wait ten minutes, as all the tables were booked. I looked at my watch and it was ten to seven. I couldn't believe all these tables would be full within ten minutes, but I was wrong! Everyone arrived like clockwork! Luckily not everyone arrived and we were able to get a table. The menu is pretty varied but there was one veggie option: goat's cheese and beetroot pizza. The pizza base was more like a crisp bread, but it was absolutely delicious and one of the best pizzas I've ever had!

4. Rosendals Stradgard
Good for: Cakes

I had read about this place online but didn't realise quite how beautiful its surrounding would be. Rosendals Stradgard is set within the largest green island in Stockholm. You have to walk a fair way or have a car to get there, but it is definitely worth it. If anyone lives in South West London, it reminds me of Petersham nurseries. It is a cafe in a greenhouse, with lots of freshly made cakes, sandwiches and hot dishes. It is packed with super trendy mums and posh retired couples, but if you can get over that, you'll love it. Try the chocolate and chilli cookie.

5. HTL hotel
Good for: Pub grub

This is actually where we stayed in Stockholm. It is an affordable but chic hotel and their restaurant and bar is very popular with the locals. The menu is fairly small, but it has burgers, risotto and all the usuals you'd expect from a chain restaurant in the UK. It is a fail-safe place to eat and actually pretty quiet on weekdays. Only issue is that it doesn't serve food on a Sunday.

Let me know if you have any food recommendations for Stockholm, and whether or not you're planning a trip!

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