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May Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

This month has been an excellent month, as I was on holiday for half of it! I know, I know, it looks like I'm always going on this amazing holidays, which recently I have... BUT I have now decided that after turning 27 I need to be more careful with my money and start saving for the 'big things' in life. You will see this is one of my favourites this month. I know everyone says you should travel as much as possible whilst you're young, but I think I need to put a temporary stop to it until I have been able to buy a house... in London. Next month looks to be fairly stressful work-wise, as I am trying to complete a project management course, so I'm not sure I'll have quite as many favourites next month!

1. Scandinavia trip
This is top favourite for obvious reasons. It was actually one of my New Year's Resolutions to go on a Scandinavian holiday, so I'm very pleased I've been able to tick that one off my list. We were thinking primarily about visiting the Norwegian fjords but when we added up all the costs we decided we couldn't afford it. In the end we found cheap flights to Copenhagen and designed the trip around those flights.

We went to Copenhagen, then went inter railing to Linkoping, Stockholm and Gothenburg and flew back from Copenhagen. I have put up my top eats from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg and will, in time, be putting up posts about things to explore in each of these cities. We went to Linkoping just so I could see the outdoor museum there. We only stayed one night but there is something about outdoor museums that I just love, I think it stems from my childhood obsession with the Weald and Downland museum!

2. Pretty Little Liars
This is a love/hate thing. I've put it in my favourites because there is no doubt I am obsessed with it, so obsessed in fact, I might write a blog post about my obsession! In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, it is a TV show on Netflix about four high school girls trying to find out who murdered their friend. There are six seasons and each season has about 20+ episodes. I'm only on season one, but am watching it ALL the time, except for at work or when I'm commuting! Any ideas as to how to stop my addiction would be gladly received!!

3. Friend's birthday picnic
This was the day we got back from Copenhagen, and whilst spending two weeks with one person is lovely, it's great to come back and see other people. We had a picnic in a park close to where I live. There were cakes, drinks, snacks, fruit, all the classic picnic food! There were about ten or so of us, and the weather was perfect.

4. Seeing an old friend from Uni
I left Uni six years ago now. It feels so weird to say that. I lived in the same building as my friend Jon in first year, then we lived in the same shared house for second and third year. He lives in Sheffield and I live in London, so it's not that easy for us to meet up. Anyhow he was down in London and I hadn't seen him for about two or three years. We went to a cafe and walked along the Southbank. It was so nice, it felt like it was only yesterday that we'd seen each other and it was great to reminisce about Uni days.

5. Eurovision with my sister
I watch Eurovision every year. I know the British are never going to win, but that never puts me off. It is unique, it is hilarious, there is nothing else like it, and with Graham Norton's sharp, witty comments narrating the whole thing, it always has me in stitches at some point. My sister came over to watch it and I cooked us a nice dinner and made sure we had enough snacks for the rest of the night.

6. Celebratory dinner with my sister
I'm glad to have spent a fair bit of time with my sister this month, and am also incredibly proud of her this month as she completed her two-year MA. To celebrate I took her to Bill's. We chatted, giggled and ate for two and a half hours.

7. Puttin' on the Ritz
Now, I'm not sure this is the best performance I have seen of late, but it is in my favourites because I ended up cry-laughing at how bad one of the singers was! Is that mean!?! There were however two dancers from Strictly who were amazing.

8. Watching my friends finish Race for Life 10k
I did the 10k Race for Life last year, but when my friends asked if I wanted to do it again, but gave me two months warning, I decided that I wasn't prepared enough and still wouldn't be in two months time. This didn't stop me from going to support them. They all did it in an hour or less, I was very impressed and I think it has motivated me to start running regularly again. We went for brunch after the race as well.

9. Sorting out my finances
As I said in the introduction to this favourites post, I have been sorting out my finances this month/trying to be a responsible adult! I've changed banks, and even started the process of getting a pension. This has been on my 'to do' list for so long and I'm relieved I've started on the journey to sorting everything out, and not being the only one of my friends not to have a pension!

What have you been up to this month? What has been your favourite moment of the month?


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