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How to increase your Twitter followers and make Twitter send traffic to your blog | The Small Desk

For so long I was stuck around the 450 Twitter followers mark. Now I'm not complaining here, because I have some amazing loyal readers and basically what more could you want!? But I was intrigued to know how other people's Twitter followings were so high. I knew a few tips and tricks but didn't put them to use as I was doubtful as to how helpful they were. Now after gaining a little over 100 more followers I thought I would share with you what has actually worked! Basically my aim at the moment is to keep my content relevant for my loyal readers but to eventually make some dollar from this blog. Here are my top tips for improving your Twitter following:

1. Add images to your tweets
When you're scrolling down your Twitter feed on your phone, which take up more space and grab your attention more? The ones with images of course! Enough said.

2. Schedule tweets to old content
You've written a hundred posts say, and you only ever get new hits to your new content, so you keep producing lots of new content to get hits? WRONG. This way you will be creating content for the sake of traffic and not for the sake of quality. Make sure to schedule tweets to old content. Your new followers won't have read it and if it is quality content then they will read it!

3. Schedule tweets to your other social media platforms
The reason I'm telling you to schedule tweets is that I am guessing 99% of you reading don't do this as your full-time job and already have little time to create quality content. Scheduling tweets really really saves time and is great to maintain an active presence on Twitter.

You might find that you find it easier to be more active on other social platforms, such as Instagram, so make sure you remind people to follow you on there. Also, whatever social media platform you are on, as a blogger, you HAVE to be on Bloglovin. It is so useful and connects you with other bloggers.

3. Recommend other people's content
Make sure to promote other people's content if you find it useful and relevant to your readers. Remember your readers trust your opinion and if you haven't got time to post quality content then share someone else's! In turn they might share yours one day too!

4. Be nice – engage in conversation with fellow bloggers
One of the best things about blogging is the community. Other bloggers can often be really friendly and by engaging in conversation with them you will make yourself visible in their feed and potentially connect with their followers as well. But always remember to be nice! Remember it is hard to read sarcasm online!

5. Make sure to @ anyone to whom your content is linked
If you write a book review make sure to @ the author and the publisher in your promotion tweets. They may well re-tweet you to their thousands of followers!

6. Write quality tweets that will get re-tweeted
This is something I struggle with this but I've seen other bloggers do it well. Basically write quality tweets, either info rich, or humour rich and you never know you might get thousands of re-tweets!

7. Take part in blog chats
Again, I'm not always the best at this as I find it hard to give an hour in an evening to them, but when I do I always make new friends/Twitter followers. Becky Bedbug has a good list.

8. Follow because you want to follow, not because you want someone to follow you
One of the things that annoys me no end about Twitter is people who follow you and then make a point that they've followed you to try and get you to follow them back. If you know what I mean! All this makes me want to do is block them! Don't do it!

9. Have the app on your phone
Have the Twitter app on your phone so that you can quickly tweet when you are out and about and see something interesting or inspiring.

10. Make sure your profile pic is friendly and not stern
It's ok to have an anonymous-type profile pic, but not ideal, as people like to see a friendly face to follow. Just make sure your profile pic doesn't scare people off because it is too stern or corporate!

11. Make sure your website name and link are up-to-date in your bio and your blog
The amount of times I've found it difficult to find someone's Twitter from their blog or vice versa is stupid. Seriously, make it easy for people to find both!

12. Make your Twitter handle relate to your blog so that you are easy to find
Again – make your Twitter handle relate to your blog. For example if your Twitter handle is something like 'apple' and your blog is called 'cucumber' people are going to get confused. I have 'alicesdesk' because it relates to The Small Desk, but I also wanted to make it friendly and not like a business.

Those are my tips and tricks, does anyone have any to add? I would be very interested to read more!


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