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The final destination of my Scandinavian holiday was Gothenburg. This was the one city on my trip that I had not previously visited. It is much smaller than Copenhagen and Stockholm, and thus has less choice. This post only highlights three restaurants, rather than five as the previous ones have done. 

Gothenburg is a city of two halves. In the centre sits the largest shopping mall in Scandinavia, which I quickly walked out of as it is packed full of people pushing cups in your face asking for money, and on the outskirts of the city is Magasinsgatan, with some of the trendiest shops and restaurants in Sweden. 

It either feels very commercial and a bit rough, or very expensive and exclusive. Maybe I didn't have enough time to explore and find the middle ground, I would love to know your thoughts if you have been there or know it well. These are the three places I most enjoyed.

1. Clarion Hotel Post, Norda Bar and Grill
Good for: Experience

We got a good deal online to stay at the Clarion Hotel. It is directly across from Gothenburg central station and right next to the tram that takes you to the archipelago, so it really is in a perfect location. On the first night it was pouring with rain and we decided to have dinner in the hotel, so that we didn't have to go outside. Little did I realise their restaurant is one of the smartest places to eat in the whole of Gothenburg!

The decor is incredibly decadent and the service is of a very high standard. It is one of those places where they tell you what is on the plate when they serve it to you, even though you read it on the menu. I had the only vegetarian option on the menu, which was a little odd: spring roll stuffed with quinoa and soft cheese.

2. Magnus and Magnus
Good for: Swedish food

I found this place on Tripadvisor. It is in the hip area of Magasinsgatan and my god it is hip! The first time we tried to go there we couldn't get in because they were opening their nightclub and it was a members only event. The second time we went there they asked if we wanted the tasting menu with the tasting wine menu! We opted for a la carte! The food is a little wacky and a little out there, I had a wild garlic sauce with radishes and crumbled rye bread for one of my courses... but if you're up for trying something new then this is definitely the right place to go.

3. Lou Lou
Good for: Service

For some reason I was craving salmon, and the best place to find salmon in Sweden is at a steak house. Despite being a pescatarian, we sought out this steak house! They were incredibly accommodating; they read the menu in English to us, made me aware that the salmon normally came with bacon, and made me a cocktail that wasn't on the menu. The food was excellent, but it really was the service that made this place for me.

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