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Last week I got back from two weeks travelling around Scandinavia. The first stop on my trip was Copenhagen. It is definitely one of the hippest cities in the world; everyone is dressed unbelievably fashionably and everyone just oozes cool. One of my favourite things to do on holiday is to eat out. It is a chance for me to appreciate someone else's cooking, and to experience some of the culture. I'm a pescatarian so I cannot recommend the best meat restaurants, but I can definitely recommend some affordable eats in the city and places where I thought the service was good. Without further ado, here are my top five eats in Copenhagen.

1. PS Bar and Grill
Good for: 'Normal' food

This is a restaurant that we stumbled upon in our first night in Copenhagen. I saw that it had soy and ginger salmon on the menu, so before I knew it we had a table for two! It was a Monday night so it wasn't too busy, but they definitely have a type of cliental and that is young students. The lighting is very dark and there is fairly loud music, but the service was excellent, and the food was delicious. I had the salmon, green beans and chips with an elderflower juice. I would really recommend this restaurant if you are looking for some standard 'normal' food. Sometimes in Scandinavia it is hard to find a restaurant that doesn't pickle its fish!

2. 42 degrees Raw
Good for: Eat Clean dieters 

They used to have a 42 degrees Raw cafe in the Royal Academy in London, but that seems to have disappeared. I knew that the cafe originated in Denmark, and therefore sought it out when in Copenhagen. It serves raw food, but meals that you would normally have as hot food, such as a lasagne or a stir-fry. The dishes are really fresh and they do the most incredible juices. It is more like a cafe than a restaurant, but they do takeaway as well, so if it's a nice sunny day it is the perfect thing to take for a picnic in the park. It's a good place to go if you are craving a healthy dinner and really don't want anymore heavy restaurant food. The prices are also very reasonable.

3. Cafe Maroc
Good for: Vegetarians

We came across this cafe after walking for hours around Copenhagen. I was tired and hungry, and despite not being very impressed with the decor or design of the exterior, we ended up having lunch at this cafe. What a find! It was empty at lunchtime, which I always think must be a bad sign, but the food was actually really fresh, filling and tasty. You can choose either falafel or samosa and then you get a portion of each of the salads with them. It is a great place for vegetarians, and is friendly on the purse strings.

4. Wokshop
Good for: Cheap eat

Again, we just found this place by chance. I liked the look of the menu, it had a vegetarian dish and it was affordable, so it was win win. It reminded me a bit of Wagamamas, as you have to share a table with other customers. The restaurant is in the basement and takeaway can be ordered on the first floor. It is a bit of an odd set up, but the food is good and it is fuss-free.

5. Toldboden
Good for: Location

Whilst walking along the path next to what feels like a river but is actually the sea, we came across Toldboden. It looks a bit like a trendy pub from the outside with blackboards offering special deals, but inside it feels like the hippest restaurant in Shoreditch. With long wooden tables and benches covered in fur, Toldboden has a very Scandinavian feel to it and with huge floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the sea you almost feel as though you are dining on a remote island. The food is almost average pub food but with a Scandi twist. Don't expect to get away from those damn radishes with your fish and chips! I'm not sure why Scandis love radishes quite so much; they seem to be on every menu!

I had a brilliant time trying out all the different food in Copenhagen, but as I'm quite a fussy eater you will see there are no experimental or truly typically Scandi restaurants on this list. I would love to hear if you have been to Copenhagen and what you ate there. Please do leave me a comment below! I will be doing an 'Explore' Copenhagen post soon as well.


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