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Art Therapy, An Anti-Stress Colouring Book: Book Review | The Small Desk

I've seen these Art Therapy colouring in books in the Top 10 on Amazon for a while now, and have been very intrigued by them. I think they are linked to the Mindfulness theory. The boyf has been working his way through the Mindfulness book and finding it incredibly helpful to deal with work stress. I work in the arts and love most things artsy, hence my intrigued-ness! 

When the boyf's mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year I immediately thought about these Art Therapy colouring in books. At the time I hadn't heard of the Enchanted Forests and these highly artistic ones that are now the most popular, so I asked for the original one, and that is the anti-stress colouring book by Richard Merritt and Hannah Davies. 

There are pros and cons to this book. I would say a big con is that parts of it are already coloured in for you. Therefore on those pages I don't think you can feel such a sense of achievement for completing it, as you didn't do all of it yourself. However that may just be me who finds that and others might find it helpful as it guides you as to what colours to use. 

The book doesn't come with colouring in pencils, so if you are not someone who just happens to have a bunch of colouring in pencils lying around you will need to make sure you invest in some of those to. This then naturally brings the price of the whole experience up. 

The big pro to this book is that it definitely takes your mind off things as there is a lot of intricate colouring in to do and you will want to make sure you stay inside the lines! When I first received this book I was making myself sit down and do a bit of colouring to relax, but now I find, like most other things that are good for you, I don't have the time. 

The message is, that if you really force yourself to sit down and colour and don't think of it as a waste of time, then this colouring in book will definitely help you relax. But if you are the sort of person who finds sitting down for more than five minutes not doing 'productive' work then you might struggle to use this 'productively'!

Has anyone else bought one of these adult colouring in books? What do you think of them?

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