Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to enjoy a Homecation | The Small Desk

Last week I enjoyed my first Homecation. I thought I'd coined this word but looked it up and it is now regularly used, turns out it is the new Staycation. Typically a Staycation involves staying in the country you live in for a holiday, but a Homecation is about having a holiday at home... literally, your house. 

This is a particularly good idea if you have just moved house and want to feel more settled. I decided to have a Homecation to give myself time to regroup and think about my future. With a busy job and a long commute I often find myself very short of time, and with little time to think and gain perspective. 

Whilst I was on my Homecation I decided that I really want my career to involve more writing and if possible to make this blog part of my career. I'm not entirely sure how to do this, but all I know is that I need to invest more of my time into this blog and keep writing. The more I write and the more I read, surely the better I'll get at it?!

On that note, here are my tips on how to enjoy a Homecation and a bit about what I did on my Homecation! 

1. Try out new recipes
As you have seen from my previous post I have been a little obsessed with trying out Deliciously Ella's recipes. It is a great time to test out and practice new recipes, as it doesn't matter if it goes wrong, you have all the time in the world!

2. Visit your local restaurants
How often do you go to the local restaurants near you? If you're like me, then the answer is not enough! There are lots of great independent places near me, and it is great to support your local community. Plus, your Homecation is going to be the cheapest holiday you ever have, so why not splash out on a meal out?!

3. See new places in your area
Chances are you've seen more of other countries than you have of your own. Try researching the things tourists might do in your area and go and see them! I live in London, so there is a wealth of new places for me to visit on my doorstep. I did travel an hour or so to new places in London, but in the grand scheme of travelling and holidays this is nothing.

4. Go on day trips 
Try going a bit further afield; pack a picnic and head out to the countryside or seaside near where you live. On my Homecation I travelled to Brighton. It is so nice to go to these often touristy destinations without the crowds. Make the most of the fact that it is not the weekend!

5. Attend events or exhibitions in your local area
Again, if you attend events or exhibitions in the week, they are much less crowded and far more enjoyable.

6. Sort your life out
This is NOT an order! It is a phrase I use to mean organise, tidy, file, basically all the boring things you don't make time to do, but need to in order to keep everything in check. Spend time sorting through your cupboards, donating clothes to charity shops and just having a good old clear out! You won't regret it when you come back after work to a more organised life.

7. Get fit
You know how you always say you don't have time to exercise? With a Homecation you don't have that excuse! But it also means you can do the exercise you enjoy. I can never be bothered to get up at 6am to go for a swim before work and am very short on time in the evening, but my Homecation gave me time to go swimming and in turn, relax.

8. Spend quality time with your family and friends
This is obviously dependent on whether or not they have the time off too! But so often you work so hard you don't leave enough time for your family and friends. This is a great opportunity to spend lots of time with them.

Do you think you'll be enjoying a Homecation any time soon? Or have you already had one? I would love to know!

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