Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wedding guest outfit | The Small Desk

For years I never went to any weddings; I think the only one I went to was when I was five and I can't even remember that! As you get older you get invited to more weddings, and now I'm going to the first one of someone my age. It feels really weird to write that! I still feel like I'm 18! Anyway, I've been really struggling to find an appropriate outfit as I've only been to family weddings and to weddings in the summer. First I went onto the Coast website and bought a jumper and skirt combination in their sale. However when they arrived the skirt was too long and the jumper not exactly what I had imagined. Therefore my first tip when buying an outfit you are worried about is to go to the high street and try it on! 

Eventually I decided that there was no point me spending money on an outfit that I saw simply for a wedding, but to buy an outfit I could wear with other pieces and for work. To make it a bit special I thought about the shop I normally don't go in, but most want to buy pieces in, and came up with Cos. It meant that I was spending to treat myself to a nice outfit for this wedding but essentially saving as I was more likely to wear the pieces more than once. I ended up buying the following combination:

(All can be seen in the photo above)

Now I need your help! What bag and what shoes?! Ideally I'm looking to borrow these pieces! Oh and do I need a hat or a hair piece?

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