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March Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

I seem to be making a bit of a habit of doing a monthly favourites post! I find it almost therapeutic. It makes me think about how busy I was in the month, whether I would like to do more or less in the next month and helps me to accept that another month has passed! I am looking forward to April as it is my birthday, Easter and I'm taking some time off work, but for now here is a little review of my March.

1. Dinner with one of my old school friends
Having a tight knit group of old friends is great, but sometimes it is nice to hang out one-on-one, and to have some quality time with just one person from the group. I did this this month and loved it, I felt we had a more intense conversation than we would have had otherwise.

2. Sloane Square market with my sister
One of my favourite things to do generally in life is to mooch with my sister, to wander and chat about anything and everything. This month we mooched in Sloane Square and took up the five cookies for £5 deal. It was worth it!

3. Shopping with my relatively new friend
I say 'relatively new' as most of my close friends I have known for about 15 years now and this friend I have known for seven years, but been close friends with in the last three or four years. It is so nice to find someone you get on so well with especially outside of education and work. We are friends through our partners and so it is also good for double dates!

4. Richard Cork talk at Tate Britain
I blogged about this talk. First things first, I went with my best friend from Uni, which always makes an event better, and then secondly it went way beyond my expectations. It was a completely absorbing talk, I was so immersed in their discussion that I didn't realise they'd been talking for an hour and a half.

5. Ercol desk
Ercol outlet store had a sale on, and were selling the Ercol Treviso desk at half price! I rang up at 9am on the dot and was really lucky to be the first to request to buy it. I have been looking for a new desk for a while now and this piece is a classic. When I went to pick it up from the store they told me that they could have sold it five times over, it was that popular. Thankfully I am now sitting at it and it is in my home. It feels like a piece I will have forever, and hopefully will be the first piece of more classic long-lasting furniture collection.

6. Boyf's cousin's 21st 
This year I want to make more of an effort to see the boyf's family. Last year I think I only made it to see them in Oxfordshire twice! I went to his cousin's 21st birthday meal and it is in my favourites purely because I got to spend a bit of time with his family. The food was also really good!

7. Karaoke
Now I'm not saying karaoke is my favourite, but I went out with my school friends and their partners and it was hanging out with them that I enjoyed. I have to say though I had had an awful day at work that day and it definitely helped me to take my mind off things!

8. Walk in the park with the boyf and cannoli
"We're nowhere nears ready!" Anyone know that quote? It's from 'Cake Boss'! And yes it is 'nears'. 'Cake Boss' is an American TV show and one of the main things they bake is cannoli. I've never ever tasted them before but on our way to the park we stopped at a delicatessen and picked some up. I enjoyed the fact that we tried them out but they are far too sweet for me! I love walking in the park with the boyf as it is the one time where we are not tempted by the TV, computer or phones.

9. Station Eleven
This is the fourth book I've read this year! My New Year's Resolution is going well so far! I also posted a review on it.

10. Food shopping online
This sounds like an incredibly boring favourite, but I am so pleased that I have now given up going to the shop to do the weekly shop. I no longer have to carry heavy bags back, online shopping is the future! It has given me so much more free time.

What have you been up to this month? Have you posted your monthly favourites?
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