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February favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

How is it March already!?! Firstly, it feels like yesterday that I was on a plane back from Australia, which was in October, and secondly, it was only New Year's Eve the other day! Time definitely goes faster the older you get. These past two months feel as though they've dragged in some ways but gone so quickly in others.

Work has been a bit of a mixed bag; it's the commute that drags me down, if only I could walk to work or get a train that had fewer people on, it would improve the quality of my life tenfold. To balance the dread of the commute I work with a fantastic bunch of people, so in that respect work has been good.

Life-wise I've had a pretty regular month. We've been booking more Scandi hotels for our trip, along with the Interrail pass. Very excited about that! Anyway, let's get into this month's favourites post! These are in order of when they happened. Enjoy!

1. Take away with old uni friends
Sometimes there is nothing better than a good old catch up with good food in the comfort of your own home. When I first moved out I really wanted to host dinner parties and cook for people, but I did it a couple of times and quickly realised what a huge effort it is and you don't get to spend much time with the people you invited round! After leaving Uni I thought I'd stay in contact with way more people than I actually have done. I suppose life just happens and people move on, and that Uni experience will never be recreated. Luckily I've been able to stay in contact with two of them and they came to my flat at the beginning of the month for takeaway, which was fun and we should do it more!

2. Onegin
As you may or may not know I am a little bit in love with the ballet, and my favourite ballet is Onegin. It's not always on, I've only seen it three times, but I was lucky enough to see it this month and it was just as good as every other time I've seen it. The dancer was Natalia Osipova, who is a newbie at the Royal Opera House and she was... I can't believe I'm saying this... as good as Alina Cojocaru.

After the ballet I met up with my oldest friend, as in who I've known the longest, we've known each other since I was born (she was born first!). She now lives in Ireland but was over for an engagement party and kindly made the time to see me whilst she was over. We went for some lemonade and shared a biscuit (living life to the max!) and caught up on loads of stuff, and I tried to convince her to move to London, maybe one day!

3. Birthday drinks in Southwark
I can't remember what the bar was called, but it was the boyf's best mate's birthday and so the whole crew came out for drinks. This is in my favourites because it is the only time the whole group of the boyf's friends and girlfriends went out this month!

4. Celebrating seven years
In the middle of this month I hit the SEVEN year mark with the boyf. Crazy times! We met in the second year of Uni and have been living together for the past three years and I can safely say..#no regrets

We went for afternoon tea in a cafe near where we live and a walk in the park. Basically just chatted and had some quality time, which is needed as we both have pretty hectic jobs.

5. Dolls House Shop 
I did a blog post all about this, if you want to read more about this insane little shop click here.

6. Finding Sia
It's not very often that I find a new music artist that I become obsessed with, the last one was Macklemore, who I still love, but this month I found Sia. Not only do I love her songs but she also features an incredible young dancer, Maddie Ziegler, in her videos. I find it difficult just to listen to her music because I also want to watch this amazing dancer! My favourite song is Elastic Heart, which I've embedded here for you:

7. First Aid course
I went on this with work, but it is something I can put to use in my everyday life. I learnt so much on this course, including CPR, how to put someone in the recovery position and how to help someone if they are choking. It was also really nice to have a day not sitting in front of the computer!

8. Pancake day with old school friends
Very kindly one of my old school friends invited three of us over to hers for pancakes on pancake day. This is in here as it was the only time this month that all four us met up! It's so hard to get everyone together these days!

9. Theory of Everything 
I did a whole blog post on this; click here if you want to read more!

10. Saturday night in
My final favourite this month was last night where we had two friends over to watch the Voice, eat crisps and sweets and drink gin! Need I say more?!
For photos of many of these events follow my Instagram.

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