Sunday, 8 February 2015

Why I love the ballet | The Small Desk

The cast of Onegin

Yesterday I went to see a ballet called Onegin at the Royal Opera House. It is my favourite ballet of all time. Most famous ballets like the Nutcracker and Swan Lake all finish with a fairy tale ending, but not Onegin. It is the most emotional, heart wrenching, spine tingling ballet you will ever see. It shows almost every aspect of relationships; love, loss, passion, heartbreak, impossible decisions and conflicting emotions. The way they express themselves purely through movement with music is incredible. 

Professional dancers and professional musicians have been on long and incredibly arduous journeys to get to where they are. Whenever I watch the ballet I think about how these dancers have been training since they were young children, and the same for the musicians. It is a display of incredible talent, a gruelling test of what the body can do, and a phenomenal struggle of mind over matter. Yet they make it look so easy, elegant, and enjoyable. I'm sure it is enjoyable for some, but for others it is agony. 

I love to watch the ballet live. It's just not the same on TV or on film. These dancers are actors too and you can really feel the passion through going to watch it in the theatre. Sometimes I can't put my finger on why I like ballet so much. I know it is the dancers and the music, but it is also the costumes and the set design. It is all so sumptuous, rich, and aesthetically beautiful.

I've been obsessed with ballet and ballet music since I was a little girl. I used to watch ballet videos in my front room and dance around with either my sister, friends or my Sally doll! This is also why I love ballet, it brings back my childhood, and despite changing a lot over my lifetime, I like to hold onto this one pleasure that I've enjoyed ever since I can remember. I stopped having ballet lessons when I was 13, when I realised I was definitely not showing a flare for it!! However it is a very short lived profession and I do not have enough self-discipline! Watching the ballet makes me go into another world, I forget about everything and am totally absorbed in the performance. It is as close to magic as it gets for me. As I try to be anonymous as possible on this blog and do not share photos of myself, I thought it might be nice to share some photos of me from the past... practising my ballet!

 Royal Opera House


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