Friday, 20 February 2015

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Some days fly past and you don't even have the time to reflect; to think about what your purpose was that day. Other days you fall upon time to think, space to breathe, the relaxation you’ve been craving, and it isn’t all you’ve been hoping for. You remember you’re a busy person because you like purpose, you thrive off energy, speed, and achievements.

When you are in a situation where you have the choice as to what to do with your day; no time pressures, no deadlines; you struggle, you start to think about who you are, what your purpose in life is, what your future holds, how you can shape it and what you want out of life. This can all get a bit depressing if your desired purpose is unobtainable or it seems so far away that you cannot even begin to grasp it.

Therefore I think it is best to take these ‘non-days’, as days where you can do things you enjoy, and leave the busy days to think about purpose. They say if you want something done quickly, give it to a busy person, and it’s true, you are often most constructive at your busiest. This is when you are experiencing good stress, not bad stress. Bad stress causes people to forget things, even who they are.

Whatever you are doing in life you have purpose, you are achieving, be kind to yourself and think how far you’ve come from being a ten year old. I’m pretty sure every one of you reading has achieved something since you were ten. The older you get the more you remember and the more critical you can become of yourself and your purpose. I can fully remember ten years ago when I was 16, and the years in between, yet when I was 16, the period between then and the age of six was a lot harder to remember. The more you can remember the more you will worry that you haven’t achieved enough or had enough purpose or direction. This may sound obvious, but I think it helps to think about it this way.

Perhaps this post is rambling on too much and is reflecting my own concerns about lack of purpose, but I hope it strikes a chord with some of you and through it you realise that having a purpose is something everyone struggles with and achievements are obtained over time, experience and are all relative.

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