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January Favourites 2015 | The Small Desk

Christmas has passed, everyone is skint, plus it is freezing! January is not my favourite month, however there have been some good things about this month and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you. In no particular order, let’s get started…

1. Pizza Pilgrims
On Friday night I went out with a couple of my old school friends to Pizza Pilgrims in Soho. I have previously done a review of this place on The Small Desk, but I completely forgot and thought we were going some place I’d never been before! This is not a favourite because of the pizza (although it was good), it is a favourite because I had such good giggles and chat with my friends and also found out one of them still reads my blog! Hey Sara!

2. Boyf’s birthday
Every time someone says January is the worst month I always feel sorry for the boyf whose birthday is in January. Each year we try to get as many people together as possible, but sometimes when there are more than ten people you just don’t get the time to talk to everyone or the group naturally splits. This year we decided to keep it smaller and only invite his home friends. We went to Wahaca for lunch and afterwards to a pub. Lunch and a pub are my ideal combination for hanging out with bigger groups of people. There were nine of us in total, which meant I just about got to catch up with everyone.

3. Walks in the park and tea at Ham House
One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to ‘get fit’. I have been swimming a couple of times this month, but the chlorine makes my skin so dry I find it hard to motivate myself to go. It’s been too cold to run, although I have done one run this month, but the easiest way I find to exercise is to go for a walk with my parents where there is guaranteed cake at the end! My favourite place to have cake at the moment is Ham House. It is a National Trust property with a hell of a cake selection. It is also by the River Thames, which makes it an equally satisfying walk.
4. New Year’s Day
I spent New Year’s in Cheltenham and on New Year’s Day we went for lunch with our friends who live there. It was a really nice day of browsing Cheltenham and chatting away the hours. We stayed over at my friend’s house along with her boyfriend. We’ve been dating our boyf’s almost the same amount of time and met through them as well, so it’s a really nice relaxed little group to hang out in, as we know each other so well.

5. Dishoom
I wrote a post about Dishoom, the experience and the food, but I went with two of my old school friends and again, had such a laugh. When I was at school I had a core group of friends and amazingly we have all managed to remain friends since we left school nearly NINE years ago! What?!?!?! It doesn’t feel like that long ago!

6. Sister over for pizza and Saturday night TV
I’ve seen my sister a fair bit this month, I’d like to see her more as we were so close when we were little and I’d find it really really sad if we ever grew apart. Although it is nice to go out for dinner and to the cinema, sometimes there is nothing better than spending time watching Saturday night TV and eating pizza, especially as it is something we would have done when we were both living at home.

7. Lunch with Mum at Cรดte
Often I will meet my Dad for lunch during the week as he only works around the corner from me, but this month I had the pleasure of going for lunch with my Mum instead. I love spending time with my Mum one-on-one, as she gives the best advice and listens to me rant on about things that aren’t really important!

8. Elizabeth is Missing
This was my first book review on The Small Desk! Go check it out! I love, love, love this book and it helped improve my mood on numerous occasions throughout January.

9. Booked flights for Scandinavia trip
Another of my New Year’s Resolutions was to go on a Scandinavian holiday, and we booked our flights to Copenhagen last week! We’ve decided to not include the Norwegian fjords, as the price would sky rocket. Also, we have seen the fjords in New Zealand, which don’t have cruise ships sailing through them like the Norwegian ones. I’m so excited!

10. Interviewing people
My final favourite I say with caution. I have found this fun but also really tough and emotionally draining. I’ve been interviewing people for a new position at my work and whilst it has been interesting meeting new people, the deciding process has really stressed me out. It can be life changing for someone to offer them a job and I haven’t taken the decision lightly. However I’m glad I’ve had the experience and this is why it’s gone in the favourites list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my January Favourites! Despite having lots of fun this month I am really hoping for warmer weather in February. Let me know what your favourites have been this month! 
P.S. One last favourite is that my Mum wrote a blog post for The Small Desk! Click here to read it!

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