Thursday, 26 February 2015

If you want something doing right... | The Small Desk

There's a phrase that goes: 'If you want something doing right, do it yourself'. In this blog post I want to look at that phrase, deconstruct it a bit, and explain why I think it doesn't always ring true.

For smaller more personal tasks, such as buying yourself the right chocolate bar, this phrase might work, but the importance of collaboration and partnership should never be forgotten.

It can be frustrating working in a team; waiting on other people in order for you to get your work done, however it can also make life a lot easier; it can lessen your workload, it can offer emotional support and it can help you to thrash out difficult problems.

Issues arise when people live by this phrase. To be able to admit that you are wrong or that you have reassessed your initial thoughts is so productive and helps you learn. Often no one person gets it all right, and by debating between people you can come to a conclusion that neither of you would have reached if it had not been for the communication with one another.

One person taking a more managerial role, whether it is simply in a situation or in a work environment is important in order to 'get shit done' as they say, but the 'manager' must be aware of everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Concerns or problems should not be ignored if they appear important to the individual expressing them. Also, if you are unable for some reason to do that thing that only you are good at, what will everyone do if you are not there, is there someone who can do it at least 95% right? It will make your life easier in the end.

Being the only person able to do something gives added pressure, unnecessary responsibility and can prevent you from doing tasks or activities that you enjoy. Collaboration is key.

Of course, now that I've decided most of the time this phrase doesn't always ring true, I thought I'd get some help on this blog post and asked twitter what they thought about this phrase...

These examples show how this phrase can prompt mixed reactions – everyone knows they can be guilty of feeling this, but equally know that they have to delegate sometimes. I'm not saying that what I have written is right either and would love your comments on what you think about the phrase!

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