Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A cry for depictions of a messy life | The Small Desk

At the moment there seems to be a flurry of bloggers showing off their spectacularly pristine white houses and perfectly placed objects on Instagram. I can't scroll through my feed without seeing a collage of neatly placed items on whitewashed floor boards or marble trays. They present this image of tidiness and beauty that in reality no one can ever reach. It does not enable readers to relate to the content producer, only to aspire and lust after.

I wanted to write a post pointing out that it is ok to have a messy life! In fact it's more normal, far more practical and exciting. When I put my makeup on in the morning I'm in a panic about being late for work and there is no way it is left in a neat set up easy for me to Instagram and share, plus I wouldn't even have the time to set it up! I realise it is the sole occupation of some of these beauty bloggers but I don't think it's helpful or relatable for young women.

I probably tidy my flat once a week and obviously do a bit of tidying throughout the week but there is no way I'm going to spend all my time cleaning and tidying. I'm not saying I've got more important things to do and it would be fair to say that I do feel stressed out if everything is too messy, but I wouldn't want to be remembered as the girl who kept everything neat and tidy. Sometimes it does help to tidy up in order to make your mind feel less 'messy', but I think it is far more important to have time for yourself to relax and explore the possibilities of travel, education, and self-improvement.

You could argue all I need to do is to unfollow these bloggers with unrealistic ideals of beauty and lifestyle, but their followings are so large I feel the need to follow to understand the product of other bloggers' outputs. I wish that these bigger bloggers and vloggers would start to post more exciting and creative content… maybe I’m just not finding the right ones for me, suggestions welcome!

The main argument of this post is don’t think too much about trying to be like other bloggers, by arranging your lipsticks in a artsy way on a copper tray it does not mean you are living your life to the full. I want to read well-written content about things I care about, things I can realistically achieve and not ten ways I can fold the end of my toilet paper. This is a bit of a messy post itself, but messy is good, and I want to see more of it! 

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