Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Time, money and priorities | The Small Desk

Often I find myself feeling the need to choose between buying things that would improve my everyday life and saving for things that would help me achieve major life goals, such as travel or buying a flat.

Realistically it is about getting that balance, but I can't seem to do this – for example by not buying an iron and ironing board for the past three years has this really enabled me to travel more? I seem to have decided that buying an iron is at the bottom of my priority, yet every time I go to get my shirt or shirtdress out I put them back as I don't have an iron, or wish that I had freshly ironed sheets for my bed. Buying an iron would improve my everyday life, but somehow I have got it into my head that if I buy one I am moving further away from saving for life goals. Am I crazy, or do you get it?!

I say this, yet when I get the urge to buy the jumper Zoella was wearing in her latest video and a Mac lipstick just for the hell of it, I can't control myself, I've put in my pin code at the counter without a moment to think, I buy them... and they cost more than an iron! Then the guilt sets in and I decide I must only spend £10 for the rest of the week. Then there is the goal to stay out of my overdraft. Sometimes I save, but then use the savings to get out of my overdraft. It seems like a never-ending circle; get paid, save, spend, overdraft, put savings into current account, stress about budgeting and then dream about life goals.

Maybe the best idea is to spend time writing down life goals and then at least you have an idea of what you are saving for. One of my life goals is pretty boring and standard and that is to get a mortgage, but the idea of saving tens of thousands of pounds (I live in London) is so daunting and seems such an unreachable goal that I often just put it to the back of my mind and think, oh well, the French all rent, don't they?! Isn't that what people say?! Anyway, I don't know quite where I'm going with this post, I think I just needed to get it off my chest that I am awful at saving and love to shop! Any advice?!

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