Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year's Eve 2014 in Cheltenham | The Small Desk

Last year I spent New Year's with only the boyf, and the year before only with another couple. This year was another quiet New Year, but I have to admit it is not by chance that my New Year's are now more civilised affairs, I much prefer them this way. I've been to the fireworks in London and couldn't get home. I've been to clubs, house parties, etc. Most of the time it's a bit of a let down and I can't stand the hype of New Year's Eve. 

This year me and the boyf were invited to our friends' (another couple) parent's house in Cheltenham. It was really nice to get away from London for a night and relax in a beautiful home and hang out with people we've known for a long time. We were cooked a lovely meal of salmon, new potatoes and veg. We brought along the dessert... now I was looking for a Yule log but they were £12.50! So I opted for Colin the Caterpillar, who was a more reasonable £7 and is basically the same as a Yule log!

We played the 5 second game and the London board game. We watched the Graham Norton show, along with Queen and the fireworks. We drank Cava, cider and some pre-mixed Cava drinks. Oh, and Prosecco at midnight. I stayed up until 3am, which is probably a record for the year for me! 

The next day we headed into Cheltenham town centre, browsed the shops and had lunch in Brasserie Blanc. We caught the train back to London at 4pm. I was absolutely shattered but really felt like I'd had a country break! How was your New Year's? I'd love to know what you got up to. Here are some photos from the rest of the evening too. 



  1. I love the low key New Year's Eve. I've been staying in cooking lush food, playing games and watching films with my boyfriend for the last two years!

    Happy New Year, Alice!

    Katrina Sophia

    1. Sounds like you have a great New Year, Happy New Year to you too! x


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