Sunday, 4 January 2015

How to make your life sound epic | The Small Desk

Often I compare my life to other people’s lives, thinking ‘wow, I’ve done nothing with my life’. Although, yes, there are people who have a lot more money, who have travelled more than me, there are a lot of people who have done or achieved less but just present their life in an epic way.

There are many ways to curate your life, through social media, blogging, vlogging etc. But the main one I want to concentrate is through the written word. Whether this is for the bio on your blog or a covering letter for a job.

Here are ten ways you can make your life sound more epic:

1. Note the struggles: was it a difficult year to find a job and you found one?
2. Point out any rankings or awards that your company or University has.
3. Speak about yourself in the third person.*
4. Say what things mean to you, did you achieve a life goal?
5. Remember how long it has taken to get to where you are.
6. Get statistics, how many people applied for the job that you got?
7. Define your successes in relation to you and no one else.
8. Think about the circumstances you started from.
9. Name-drop and note who the person/people are.
10. Use epic language, for example: ‘dream’, ‘fight’, ‘win’, ‘success’.

Now let's put some of these into practice: 

Basic: I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 and gained an internship at a photography gallery in September of that year.

Epic: Alice graduated during the Great Recession from the fifth best University in the UK: the University of Manchester. Despite not undertaking a degree in the arts, Alice was offered an internship at Europe’s most popular photography gallery.

Basic: I travelled to Australia for 3 weeks and swam in the Great Barrier Reef.

Epic: After saving for two years, Alice achieved her life dream of travelling across the world to Australia to swim in the world’s largest coral reef system; the Great Barrier Reef.

Basic: I got a job working for an arts charity.

Epic: After two interviews and a test, Alice won the contract to work for the arts charity after fighting off 400 other applicants. 

Basic: I have worked on books that cover lifestyle, history and fashion.

Epic: Alice’s editorial experience includes working for an independent publisher who publishes the work of authors such as Brian May, guitarist for Queen.

You might not want to write your life in an ‘epic’ way anywhere other than in a private diary. I think it helps to write your life in an epic way to remind yourself of what you have overcome and how successful you have been in your own way.

*This may make you sound too arrogant in a covering letter, but in a company bio I think it is fine! It definitely sounds more epic!


  1. Definitely great advice for beefing up a CV to make it sound more impressive. I always struggle to talk myself up and always get told in appraisals that I need to be more confident in what I've done. I'll be trying to put some of these into action. Thanks.

    1. Me too! Glad you found it interesting. Thanks for reading! x

  2. Alice, I LOVE THIS! This is such a good idea - not just for CVS/blogs but life in general.

    It's so easy to compare yourselves to other people, especially when we spend so much time on social media, that it's easy to forget how good we've got things.

    I am so going to sit down tomorrow and epic-up my achievements in this way!


    1. Yey! Thank you! Enjoy writing up your achievements :) x

  3. Aha! This is beyond epic! I am so going to go and try to make my life sound epic right now :) Really cool post.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Haha, thank you! You should write it up in a blog post!


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