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My Year in Review: 2014 | The Small Desk

As I started to write my New Year’s Resolution post I remembered that before making plans for the future it is always good to look to the past for life lessons. I often think politicians should do more of this! Therefore I decided to have a look through my day-to-day diary (the one I use for planning) plus my personal diary/journal and write up a Year in Review post. There is a lot I have forgotten about, the main thing being how hard I worked at the beginning of the year! If you get to the end of this post you’ll see a nice ‘overall’ paragraph that sums it up. You can also skip to this part if you want!

January 2014
As a ballet-obsessed woman I had an excellent start to 2014 by going to see the most festive ballet of them all, the Nutcracker, and not any Nutcracker production, but the best: the Royal Opera House.

The middle of January saw a heavy month at work with the beginning of the end of the first project I managed by myself.

February 2014
This month was another work heavy month. Looking through my diary I am impressed I got through that month without time off! There are lots of lists in my diary during this month of things I wanted to buy for the flat, I was clearly craving some retail therapy!

I also celebrated six years with my boyfriend by going to Gilbert Scott. This is a beautiful restaurant set within St Pancras hotel.

March 2014
Again this was a work heavy month, this time I had an unplanned last minute day off. I was very stressed after completing a major project at work that I’d been working on since October the previous year. I also seem to have ‘clothes shopping’ scheduled in this month – this is probably the last time I actively went clothes shopping!

April 2014
Finally I had a prolonged period off work. I headed off to Majorca for a week with my parents, sister and boyfriend. This was the first time my boyfriend had been on holiday with my family and it worked out really well. We celebrated both mine and my sister’s birthdays out there. I also wrote a blog post on that holiday.

We also went to see two of my boyf’s friends run the London Marathon and I had a reunion with old work people in Wahaca.

May 2014
I went to see the Matisse exhibition at the Tate with a friend whose favourite artist is Matisse! It was a fantastic show and I wrote a post on it too

One of my old school friends had a Cinco de Mayo party at her flat, and I made Mexican cookies for it!

I was quite sociable this month! I also went to my friend’s birthday picnic, another friend’s housewarming drinks and to the same friend’s law firm’s networking event. I was pretty proud of myself for having the courage to go to that, can’t say the free food didn’t persuade me!

June 2014
I have been an acquaintance of the Curator at the Guildhall Art Gallery for a while now and this month she took me on an ‘after hours’ private tour of their Tower Bridge exhibition. I wish I could see every exhibition this way; you learn so much more and see so much more! I also went to the Art Car Boot sale and had an interview for a job at the Tate, which I unfortunately did not get.

This month also brought feelings of worry about my job and I thought about becoming a volunteer reading assistant in order to become a teacher. I thought it would be a more stable job with a better salary but thinking about it in more detail and speaking to qualified teachers I wasn’t sure it was quite me, and I wasn’t ready to give up working in the arts.

On 21st of this month me and the boyf booked Australia and went to the Gate for the dinner that I won on Instagram. That was probably one of the best days of the year, we walked back along the river after dinner and saw the sun set. This was the month I also started training for the 10k Race for Life.

July 2014
I had some crazy idea this month that I would run during my lunch break, thankfully this never happened. I went to the cinema for the first time in years to see the 100 Year Old Man.

During this month I was feverishly trying to save more for our Australia trip and I have notes in my diary telling me to only spend £10 a week. One of the boyf’s best mates moved to London, which has been brilliant. It brought a serious increase in pub quizzes! On 27th of this month I ran the 10k Race for Life in 1 and a half hours. I cried at the end, and I blogged about it.

August 2014
This is the month where my diary starts to become packed with things to remember to do before going to Australia. This is also the month my cousin got married in Devon and my geekish aim of going to the Museum of London Docklands came true. 

September 2014
I did a little bit of travelling the south of the country this month, enjoying a trip to the Seven Sisters and to Brighton for a conference for work (also ended up in an amazing homeware shop).

I ticked some things off my Australia ‘to do’ list such as get my top-up injections, without fainting! I also went to my first press event, which was a disaster and made me reconsider what I blog about.

At the end of the month I went to the Handmade Festival where I saw lots of lovely crafty people.

October 2014
This was the Australia month. At the beginning I went to see the comedian John Richardson in concert, which was a birthday present from the boyf. He was hilarious, always love watching him on ‘8 out of 10 Cats’.

On 11th October we left for Australia for three weeks. You can read all the blog posts from it here:

Whilst I was away one of my best friends at work left for Maternity leave, so it was sad coming back seeing her empty desk. She left me a beautiful package of presents to say bye. They were all wrapped so carefully and with such thought, I was quite overwhelmed!

November 2014
Going back to work after a three week holiday isn’t ever easy! However my friend from Uni who used to live in London but then moved back to Cornwall came back to live in London again, so that was a nice surprise. It ended up not being such a bad month to come back to as we also got major funding at work and I was put back on a permanent contract. I can’t tell you what a relief that was! I spent a lot of this month showing people Australia photos.

This was also the month that Brown Paper Roses became The Small Desk. I am so pleased with the rebrand

December 2014
This month was spent planning for Christmas, making plans to see people and buying presents. Also the boyf was very sick this month, as was I, but not as bad as his stomach bug.

I was interviewed for TV for my job, which went ok, but I had been ill the day before so had to force myself to go in! I also had one of the busiest socialising weeks of my life this month. 

Then obviously there was Christmas and Boxing Day. I also went to see the Imitation Game in the cinema, which I would highly recommend seeing. I hope Cumberbatch wins an Oscar for his performance. Finally, today I went swimming with the boyf, I am hoping that this continues as a regular fitness activity!

Overall… I forgot how work heavy the beginning of the year was and how much socialising I missed out on due to saving for Australia. However it was completely worth it as I got to swim in the Great Barrier Reef, which has been one of my life goals. Talking of goals… I better get writing those New Year’s Resolutions!


  1. Sounds like a fab year and can't wait to hear your plans for 2015... Also, you have just reminded me of my love of Wahaca! Definitely need to eat there on my next visit to London :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm already arranging my next visit, addicted to it! Thanks for reading x


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