Saturday, 20 December 2014

Eight ways to enjoy the festive season | The Small Desk

For many people the festive season brings feelings of dread, stress and pressure. Not for me, I absolutely love Christmas time. One of the main reasons I love this period is it is a great excuse to see more of your friends and family and to shop! I am obsessively organised (my Mum used to call me 'Miss Clipboard') and this time of year is a great excuse for me to get planning, budgeting and list-making. However as I said, many people do not find this time of year fun, and I want to help change that. I think far too much pressure is put on people to have the 'perfect Christmas'. One of the main things you should focus on over this festive period is to relax: take advantage of ready-made pastry, shop-bought canapes, and all the Christmas TV. Put it this way – if you're not enjoying yourself, no-one else will, so was it really worth spending all day making that fresh mincemeat? Unless you enjoy making it of course!

Here are eight ways to enjoy the festive season and to not stress about the things that really don't matter!

1. Go to the cinema or stick on a DVD
There are some great releases out this Christmas such as Paddington Bear and the re-make of Annie, produced by Jay Z and Will Smith!

2. Take a walk in the park or nearby countryside
The best thing for me about Christmas is having time off work, and the best way to de-stress is to get out there, get some fresh air and exercise whilst enjoying views that are not of other office buildings.

3. Have a mini Christmas
If you are not looking forward to spending time with your relatives have a mini Christmas with those you do enjoy spending time with. Remember – many, many people work on Christmas Day and have Christmas on a different day.

4. Book your friends in for some Christmas drinks
The festive season is always a good excuse for mulled cider, mulled wine and hot chocolate. Mmm... Mmm...

5. Look to the New Year
Remember the New Year is only just around the corner and the best way to combat any regrets or disasters of 2014 is to look to 2015 and plan some exciting stuff to look forward to.

6. Have a pub lunch
To me there is something more festive about a lunch out than a dinner. My last post was about lunch in a countryside pub!

7. Put on some Christmas music and have a dance
Whether that is classical, carols, pop or 80s... which is your favourite?

8. Play 'guess the Quality Street'
This is a game I am hoping to implement this Christmas. One person gets blindfolded and then picks a Quality Street (or any other chocolate box) and guesses what it is! Ha! Basically I just want to eat lots of Quality Street! Reckon this game will work?!

And finally... Merry Christmas! Whether you are spending it with family, on your own, or with friends, I hope that you have a nice day and remember Christmas doesn't have to be the best time of the year, there are 364 other days you can have fun!


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